quinta-feira, 27 de abril de 2017

Al Campbell ‎- Fence Too Tall (1987)

Fence Too Tall
Spread Your Love Around
Everyman Has A Right
Easy Rocker
Na Leave Jamaica
Take It Easy
Crazy, Crazy Nigger
She Like It Like That
Get Physical (New Wave)
I Cry

Al Campbell ‎- Working Man (1980)

Working Man
Take Warning
Rock It Up
Don’t Go
You Won’t Be Jamming
Lightning & Thunder
Who’s Gonna Bell The Cat
Jah Love
Cool Down Your Temper

Al Campbell ‎- Talk About Love (1991)

Give Them Rub-A-Dub
Let Them Prosper
Love You Need You
Pass It On
Style And Fashion
Trouble In The Dance
She Nuh Ready Yet
Talk About Love
One Beer Bad Boy


Al Campbell ‎- Roots & Culture (1999)

Jah Love Every One
Soldier In Jah Army
Guide Us Jah
Jah Love
Unfaithful Children
Going Down The Drain
Jah Shine On Me
Clean Hands
Rasta Time
Iniquity Man
Oversize Man


Al Campbell ‎- Rock On (1998)

I Found You
Let Me Be Yours
All Because Of You
There's No Place For You
Where Is The Love
Watch Your Step
Rock On
Don't Worry Bout Me
Girl For Me
I Need Your Loving
Good Vibes
Take Time


Al Campbell ‎- Rasta Time (1992)

Rasta Time
Can't Get No Peace
Free Man
Ain't That Loving You
You Must Get A Beating
No More Running
Hit Me With Music
I Can't Hide
Tribal War
When The Grass Is Green
Feeling Of Love
It's True
If You Don't Love Jah
Soul Sister

Al Campbell ‎- Rainy Days (1978)

Give The People
Words Of Wisdom
You've Got Soul
Don't Cry
Rainy Days
I Want You Around
Never Let You Down
When Spring Is Around
My Whole World

Al Campbell ‎- No More Running (1978)

Soul Sister
Foot Stool
Can't Get No Peace
Free Man
When The Grass Is Green
No More Running
Tribal War
You Must Get A Beaten
If You Don't Love Jah
Hit Me With Music


Al Campbell ‎- Late Night Blues (1980)

Mr Iniquity Man
Ran Out Of Time
It's All Over
Since I Fell For You
Late Night Blues
Know Yourself
No Sit There
Rasta Time
Gone Down The Drain
Shower Me With Blessing


Al Campbell ‎- Diamonds (1979)

Show Me The Way
Honey Come Back
Jah Is Light
Stay By My Side
Send Love Oh Jah
Mr Wicked Man
Hey Little Girl
It's Love
Cornal Mind

Al Campbell ‎- Deeper Roots (2001)

Message In A Bottle
Praise Jah
Sound Killer
Babylon Freeze
Zion Is Calling
Ello HIM
That's The Way Love Goes
Who Tell Dem Fe Call Me
Boom Shot
Babylon Yard
African Story


Al Campbell ‎- Dance Hall Stylee (1982)

Dance Hall Stylee
Guide Us Jah
Sufferers Feel It
Jah Love Everyone
I've Got To Get Your Loving
Cherry Baby
Down For The Third Time
Hold Me Baby

Al Campbell ‎- Bad Boy (1984)

Me Nah Give Up
Chant Rub A Dub
The Time Has Come
She Loves Me
Let Your Love Shine
Leaving To Zion
No Time To Loose
I Like Your Style
Bad Boy
Watch Your Step

Al Campbell ‎- Ain't Too Proud To Beg (1987)

Son Don't Take Your Gun To Town
Gun Hawk
You've Changed
Dream Lover
Ain't To Proud To Beg
Bus Them Shut
Youthman Unite
Come Fi Test We Again
You Bring Me Joy

Al Campbell ‎- Ain't That Loving You (1983)

Wicked A Go Feel It Now
Free Up Rasta
The Moment Of Truth
This Is A True True Love
One Room Shack
Ain't That Loving You
Pick Up Your Telephone
Promise Is A Comfort To A Fool
Feeling Of Love
Carefree Billy

Al Campbell ‎- 22 Karat Gold Volume 2 (2000)

I Will Follow You
You're Mine
Just One Dance
Show Me The Way
Hey Little Girl
Ease Up
I Need You
No More Running
When The Grass Is Green
Where Were You
Can't Stop Loving You


Akae Beka ‎- Livicated (2016)

Daughtaz and Sunz
Loose the Gates
Have Heard
Handle Sumptin
Over Antichrist

Akae Beka ‎- Homage To The Land (2015)

All We Be
Just Decided
Call Out To Jah
Homage To The Land
Right Away
World Citi-Zen Ship
To Live

Aisha ‎- True Roots (1994)

Only Jah Works
Carnal Mind
It's Not Right
True Roots
One God, One Aim
Now Or Never
I'm Not In This World
Carnal Dub
Righteous Dub
Worldly Dub

African Head Charge ‎- Akwaaba (1995)

Can't Waste Time
Yes I
Glory Dawn
To Fari Hail
More Peace (In The Area)
Power From Zion
World Peace
Cheer Up
Walking Thrill
Irie Day

African Brothers - Want Some Freedom (2002)

Lead Us Father
Torturing Dub
Mystery Of Nature
Want Some Freedom
Practice What You Preach
Things And Time
Just Can't Please
Righteous Kingdom
Party Night
A Still Tongue
A Still Dub
Youths Of Today
King Son
Lead Us Dub

African Brothers - Mysterious Nature (2004)

Free Like A Bird
If There Is A Will
Weep And Mourn
Tell Me Why
Give Thanks And Praises
Hey Girl
All Night
No Need To Wonder
It Shouldn't Be Like That
Couldn't Make It
Mysterious Nature
Fun Time
Tell Me Why In Dub
Dub For Girl
All Night In Dub
Dub Affe Make It

Africa Unite - Punto di partenza (2015)

Pure Music, Today (feat. Raphael)
La Teoria
L'attacco al tasto
L'attacco alla corda (Architorti)
L'esercito con gli occhiali a specchio (feat. More No Limiz)
Thanx and Praises
Il Volo
É sempre stata lì
Cyclop (feat. Architorti)

quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

Abadou & The Wailers - Immigration Chase (2005)

Sing Along
Bell's of Victory
Immigration Chase
Lonely Road
Little Sunshine
Trust In Your Love
Woy a Ya Wo
Drift Me Away

A. Doeman And I & I Sound - Natty Result (1988)

You Pay Less
Don't Wheel And Turn I
I And I With Heavy Load
Come With Love
Rastaman Version
Trust And Obey
Read Up Your Bible
Shout It Out
Things I Used To Do I Do Them No More

A. Doeman - Jah Jah Come Now (1990)

Cast Your Bread Upon The Water (And Version)
Jah Jah Come Now
Jah Jah Come Now Version
Mighty Mighty High
Jah Is To Be Praised
Jah Is To Be Praised Version
Heavenly Father
Heavenly Father Version
What A Dreadfull Set Of Them (And Version)

Abja ‎- Mahogany Road (2006)

Don't Feel No Way
Good Vibez
Mahogany Road
Praise The Day
Good Sensimilia
Dread Time
Preservation Of The I
Long Time
One Shot
Danger Zone
Jah Love

Abja ‎- Inna Red I Hour (2003)

Red I Tune
Crucial Confessions
Rise Up
Rebel I Lion
Lion Walk
Love Jah
Love Potion
Pass De Kahn (With Yahdanai)
Play On
Still Have Love
Love Jah Dub
Lion Walk Dub

The Abyssinians ‎- Best Of (2002)

Leggo Beast
Let My Days Be Long
Satta Amassa Gana
Jason White
Reason Time
Crashie Sweeps
Satta Me No Born Ya
Love Comes And Goes
Tena Yistillin

The Abyssinians ‎- Forward On To Zion (1988)

Declaration Of Rights
Good Lord
Forward On To Zion
Know Jah Today
Yi Mas Gan
Black Man Strain
I And I
Africa Race
Satta - A - Massagana

The Original Abyssinians Featuring Tesfa Gabriel Manning - 19.95 + Tax (1996)

Come Along
Do Good
Power Over Evil
Holy Man
Child Abuse
Smokey Joe
In A Kalda
Kalda (Version)
19.95 + Tax
The Right
A No So

The Abyssinians ‎- Forward (1988)

Forward Jah
This Is Not The End
Satta Massagana
Forward Onto Zion
Praise Him
Peculiar Number
Peculiar Dub

Abyssinians - Arise (1978)

Oh Lord
This Land Is For Everyone
Mightiest Of All
Wicked Men
Jah Loves
Dem A Come
South African Enlistment
Hey You
Let My Days Be Long

The Abyssinians ‎- Satta Massagana (1993)

Declaration Of Rights
The Good Lord
Forward Unto Zion
Know Jah Today
Y Mas Gan
Black Man's Strain
Satta Massagana
I And I
African Race
Leggo Beast
Peculiar Number
Reason Time
There Is No End

The Abyssinians ‎- Reunion (1998)

Power Over Evil
$19.95 + Tax
Child Abuse
Smokey Joe
In A Kalda
Say It Again
The Right (Satta Massagana)

Bernard Collins/Abyssinians - Last Days (1999)

Jah Marley
Soon We'll Be Free
African Princess
Young Wings
When You're Down
Keep On
Tell Me
Wareika Hill
Too Young
Swing Low
Last Days

Admiral Tibet ‎- Leave People Business (1987)

Leave People Business
Who Feel It Knows It
You Should Have Known
What Kind Of World
Love Me
I Know
Freedom We Wan't
Them Think Mi Gone
See Mi Enemy Deh
Mi Lover


Admiral Tibet ‎- Running From Reality (2004)

Running From Reality
Hang Them
Serious Time
Be Mine Tonight
Fussing & Fighting
Come Into The Light
Two Quick
Things That You Do
Drugs Warning
I Can't Bear It Out
Open Your Heart
Lovely Lady
Old Ni**er
Babylon Bondage
Not For You, Not For Me
Poor Freddie
I'm The Water

Africa Unite ‎- Babilonia E Poesia (1993)

Festa Italiana
When People
Macho E Cero
Dub Dub Daddy
Landless Riders
Molto Importante
Babilonia E Poesia


Admiral Tibet ‎- Come Into The Light (1987)

I Come Into The Light
Shame To See
Can't Bear It Out
Open Your Heart
Old Nigga
Hold Me Tight
Serious Time

Africa Unite - Controlli (2006)

The Cage
Featuring – Natasja
In Nomine
Bit Crash
Play Another Game
Sotto Pelle
Il Segreto Del Numero Scomparso
Watch Out
Once In A Lifetime

Admiral Tibet ‎- Excitement (1995)

Call Upon Jah Jah
Burn In Flames
Is It Because
Rude Boys (with Horace Andy and Linval Thompson)
Since You've Been Gone
Never Overcome
Want To Talk
Not A Fool For You
Keep The Fire Burning
Set Me Free


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