13 de agosto de 2020

Annette Brissette - Lift Your Head Up 2009

Annette Brissett - Place For Me
Annette Brissett - The Love Of Jah
Annette Brissett - Lift Your Head Up
Annette Brissett - Tell Me Why
Annette Brissett - Let It Rain
Annette Brissett - Beautiful People
Annette Brissett - My Everything
Annette Brissett - Don't Love You Back (Feat. Tenor Blue)
Annette Brissett - Never Felt Like This
Annette Brissett - Any Pain (Feat. Hopeton Lindo)
Annette Brissett - Just Enough
Annette Brissett - Rude Mood
Annette Brissett - Don't Love You Back Remix (Bonus Track)
Annette Brissett - Lift Your Head Up Remix (Bonus Track)

Allison - Ism Skism 1986

Allison - This Black Man
Allison - Anti Social
Allison - Ism Skism
Allison - Ism Skism Version
Allison - Mother
Allison - Sorrow
Allison - Show I The Way
Allison - Vituous Woman
Allison - The Proverbs Of Solomon
Allison - Let His Love Light Shine Bright
Allison - Sing With Me
Allison - Sing With Me Version
Allison - Sorrow (Second Cut)
Allison - Sorrow Version

Alaine - Luv A Dub 2009

Alaine - OVER YOU
Alaine - SPIN ME
Alaine - LOV A DUB feat. BUJU BANTON
Alaine - NO ORDINARY LOVE remix
Alaine - FOLLOW U
Alaine - MAMA

Al Campbell - Freedom Street 1984

Al Campbell - love me forever jah
Al Campbell - give my love a try jah
Al Campbell - black mans world jah
Al Campbell - freedom street jah
Al Campbell - undying love jah
Al Campbell - time so hard jah

12 de agosto de 2020

Audrey Wheeler - I'm Yours Tonight 1991

Audrey Wheeler - if you need someone (prelude)
Audrey Wheeler - if you need someone
Audrey Wheeler - try a little harder
Audrey Wheeler - im yours tonight
Audrey Wheeler - all about you
Audrey Wheeler - lets take it back
Audrey Wheeler - somewhere in time
Audrey Wheeler - as time goes by
Audrey Wheeler - speechless
Audrey Wheeler - all by myself
Audrey Wheeler - its you
Audrey Wheeler - can you stop the rain
Audrey Wheeler - if you need someone (reprise)

Anthony John - Wont Loose Track 2006

Anthony John - wont loose track jah
Anthony John - all i can say jah
Anthony John - reggae child jah
Anthony John - woman gwan left you jah
Anthony John - wont cry jah
Anthony John - fabilous jah
Anthony John - take a wiff jah
Anthony John - in these times jah
Anthony John - just cant hide jah
Anthony John - warning jah
Anthony John - easy street jah
Anthony John - sweet damzel jah
Anthony John - hooked on a feeling jah
Anthony John - dont want to go jah

Alpha & Omega Meets The Disciples - The Sacred Art Of Dub 1998

The Disciples - prowling lion (a and o remix)
Alpha and Omega - philosophers stone (disciples remix)
Alpha and Omega philosophers dub (disciples remix)
the Disciples - da ncing on a rainbow (a and o remix)
the Disciples - seven colours of dub (a and o remix)
Alpha and Omega - elixir (disciples remix)
Alpha and Omega - no peace in the city (disciples remix)
Alpha and Omega - many stories to be told (disciples remix)
Alpha and Omega - book of dub (disciples remix)
The Disciples - poor mans prayer (a and o remix)
The Disciples - poor mans dub (a and o remix)
Alpha and Omega - the oracle (disciples remix)
Alpha and Omega - the tabern cle (disciples remix)
The Disciples - roaring lion (a nd o remix)

Alaine - Sacrifice 2007

Alaine - Rise In Love
Alaine - Sacrifice
Alaine & Tony Matterhorn - Ride
Alaine - Baby Love
Alaine - Deeper
Alaine - Wine
Alaine - Make Me Weak
Alaine - Obsessed
Alaine - Heavenly
Alaine - No Ordinary Love
Alaine - Keep Lovin You
Alaine - Ya Ya (I Want It)
Alaine - Give You
Alaine - Anything
Alaine - Earth Cry

11 de agosto de 2020

Augustus Gussie Clarke - Dread At The Controls Dub 2007

Augustus Gussie Clarke - double bubble
Augustus Gussie Clarke - michael campbell theme
Augustus Gussie Clarke - the meek dub
Augustus Gussie Clarke - mixed up stuff
Augustus Gussie Clarke - bad company
Augustus Gussie Clarke - dread at the controls
Augustus Gussie Clarke - loving sounds
Augustus Gussie Clarke - hot steppers
Augustus Gussie Clarke - midnight clappers
Augustus Gussie Clarke - golden locks

Anbessa - Tracks Of My Tears 1993

Anbessa - tracks of my tears 
Anbessa - tracks of my tears custodes
Anbessa - its ov r custodes
Anbessa - tracks of my tears (jam edit 1) custodes
Anbessa - its over (dub mix) custodes

Amharic - Descendants 2002

Amharic - Descendants - False Prophets
Amharic - Descendants - Why Oh Why
Amharic - Descendants - A Thousand Years
Amharic - Descendants - Descendants
Amharic - Descendants - Irie Feelings
Amharic - Descendants - Crisis
Amharic - Descendants - Revelation
Amharic - Descendants - Lonely Road
Amharic - Descendants - Love Can Do
Amharic - Descendants - Dancehall Days

The Abyssinians - Forward On To Zion UK 1977

The Abyssinians - Declaration Of Rights
The Abyssinians - Good Lord
The Abyssinians - Forward On To Zion
The Abyssinians - Know Jah Today
The Abyssinians - Abendigo
The Abyssinians - Yi Mas Gan
The Abyssinians - Black Man Strain
The Abyssinians - I And I
The Abyssinians - Africa Race
The Abyssinians - Satta-A-Masagana

10 de agosto de 2020

Augustus Pablo - King Davids Melody - Classic Instrumentals & Dubs 2017

Augustus Pablo - king davids_melody
Augustus Pablo - zion high
Augustus Pablo - mr bassie
Augustus Pablo - west abyssinia
Augustus Pablo - israel in harmony
Augustus Pablo - rockers mood
Augustus Pablo - sufferers trod
Augustus Pablo - revelation time
Augustus Pablo - selfish youths
Augustus Pablo - corner stone dub
Augustus Pablo - kent road
Pablo All Stars - solomon dub
Pablo All Stars - zion dub
Rockers All Stars - jah strength ital step
Augustus Pablo - west abyssinia version
Augustus Pablo - israel dub
Rockers International band jah - school dub
Pablo All Stars - dub 2 (sufferers choice)
Rockers All Stars - babylon fall dub
Rockers All Stars - freedom step

Augustus Pablo - In Fine Style - Rare 7 & 12 inches 2003

Augustus Pablo - Far East
Augustus Pablo - Phillip's Showcase
Augustus Pablo - East Man Sound
Augustus Pablo - Levi Dub
Augustus Pablo - Up Warika Hill
Augustus Pablo - Mountain View Dub Version One
Augustus Pablo - Mmountain View Dub Version Two
Augustus Pablo - Pablo In Fine Style
Augustus Pablo - Raw Dub
Augustus Pablo - Cool Shade Dub
Augustus Pablo - Ras Menilik Congo Harp
Augustus Pablo - Roots Dub
Augustus Pablo - False Rumour
Augustus Pablo - Zambian Style
Augustus Pablo - Rockers Rock Version
Augustus Pablo - Chock Full And Dub 
Augustus Pablo - Kid Ralph

Augustus Pablo & Bredrins 2009

Augustus Gussie Clarke - Pablo's Desire Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - The Sting Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - It Dread Inna Earth Prince Jazzbo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Pablo's Majestic Mood Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Ride Mommy Fanny Derrick Morgan
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Pablo's Big Ride Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Someday Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - A Wanted Dub Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Mule Train Count Prince Miller
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Pablo's Dub Train Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - My Desire John Holt
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Cow Town Skank I Roy
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Pablo in Cow Town Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Rough Rider Derrick Morgan
Augustus Gussie Clarke - A Tuff Dub Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Feel the Spirit U Roy
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Pablo a Put It On Augustus Pablo
Augustus Gussie Clarke - Scorpion in Her Pants Nora Dean

Alton Ellis - Cry Tough 1993

Alton Ellis - Breaking Up
Alton Ellis - Why Birds Follow Spring
Alton Ellis - I Can't Stop Now
Alton Ellis - Ain't That Loving You
Alton Ellis - You Make Me So Happy
Alton Ellis - Remember That Sunday Alternate Take
Alton Ellis - All My Tears Come Rolling
Alton Ellis - Baby I Love You
Alton Ellis - Chatty Chatty People
Alton Ellis - Willow Tree
Alton Ellis - If I Could Rule This World
Alton Ellis - What Does It Take Take Two
Alton Ellis - Cry Tough Take Six
Alton Ellis - Girl I've Got A Date Soul Style
Alton Ellis - Can't Stand It [Extended Mix]
Alton Ellis - I'm Just A Guy (with Phyllis Dillon) Soul Style
Alton Ellis - La La Means I Love You
Alton Ellis - Why Did You Leave Me To Cry (with Phyllis Dillon)
Alton Ellis - The Same Song
Alton Ellis - Black Man, White Man Take Two

8 de agosto de 2020

Axx Of Jahpostles - Give Thanks And Praise 2006

Axx Of Jahpostels - Country Life
Axx Of Jahpostels - Give Thanks And Praise
Axx Of Jahpostels - Ghettos End
Axx Of Jahpostels - Starlight feat Prezident Brown
Axx Of Jahpostels - Wait In Vain
Axx Of Jahpostels - Mi Gawn
Axx Of Jahpostels - True Lover
Axx Of Jahpostels - Babylon Glass House
Axx Of Jahpostels - Man With The Hammer
Axx Of Jahpostels - Think About It
Axx Of Jahpostels - Track11
Axx Of Jahpostels - All Kinda Fight
Axx Of Jahpostels - We A Nuh Loafter
Axx Of Jahpostels - Theme From Jahpostels

Awa Fall - Words of Wisdom 2019

Awa Fall - ossou galle
Awa Fall - feat kumar believe
Awa Fall - time is now
Awa Fall - be the difference
Awa Fall - in my name
Awa Fall - feat m1 everyday is war
Awa Fall - feat general levy nuff a dem
Awa Fall - peace of mind
Awa Fall - feat irie child awa
Awa Fall - feat tommy kuti dentro di me

Aura Lewis Meets Lee Perry - Full Experience 1988

Aura Meets Lee Perry - Young, Gifted And Broke
Aura Meets Lee Perry - Can't See You
Aura Meets Lee Perry - At Midnite
Aura Meets Lee Perry - Full Experience
Aura Meets Lee Perry - Nar Soh , So It Say

Augustus Pablo - Thriller 1975

Augustus Pablo - Pablo Nuh Jester
Augustus Pablo - Fat Girl Jean
Augustus Pablo - Marcus Garvey
Augustus Pablo - Rocky Road
Augustus Pablo - Skibo Rock
Augustus Pablo - Thriller
Augustus Pablo - Pablo In Red
Augustus Pablo - Pablo Style
Augustus Pablo - Last Of The Jestering
Augustus Pablo - Striker

7 de agosto de 2020

Augustus Pablo - Culture Showcase 1994

Augustus Pablo - False Rasta  
Augustus Pablo - Stop Them Jah 
Augustus Pablo - No Justice Place 
Augustus Pablo - Revelation Time 
Augustus Pablo - Changing Dub
Augustus Pablo - Babylon 
Augustus Pablo - Ital Stew Dub 
Augustus Pablo - Time Has Come 
Augustus Pablo - Hail Selassie I Verandah 

Aston Barrett - Cobra Style 1999

Aston Barrett - Cobra Style
Aston Barrett - Back Weh
Aston Barrett - We're Gonna Make It
Aston Barrett - Eastern Memphis
Aston Barrett - Guided Missile
Aston Barrett - Babylon
Aston Barrett - Elegant Shape
Aston Barrett - Distant Drums
Aston Barrett - Children Of The Ghetto
Aston Barrett - My Girl
Aston Barrett - Well Pleased
Aston Barrett - Woman In Love
Aston Barrett - Work
Aston Barrett - Natural Woman
Aston Barrett - Bonus Track- Cobra Style (Disco Mix)
Aston Barrett - Bonus Track- Well Pleased (Disco Mix)

Alpha Dub Akcept - Joint Forces Pt 1 2017

Alpha Dub Akcept - warrior style original
Alpha Dub Akcept - look to the east original
Alpha Dub Akcept - vibrations vip original
Alpha Dub Akcept - no stress original

Aba Shanti I - Wrath of Jah LP 1996

Aba Shanti I - joseph
Aba Shanti I - mighty aba shanti
Aba Shanti I - zulu warrior
Aba Shanti I - his majestys theme
Aba Shanti I - benjahmen my son
Aba Shanti I - love & unity
Aba Shanti I - earth rocker
Aba Shanti I - free the nation
Aba Shanti I - the wrath of jah
Aba Shanti I - babylon bound to fall
Aba Shanti I - zulu warrior 96 mix
Aba Shanti I - the wrath of jah pt 2

6 de agosto de 2020

Augustus Pablo - This is Augustus Pablo 1973

Augustus Pablo - dub organizer
Augustus Pablo - please sunrise
Augustus Pablo - point blank
Augustus Pablo - arabian rock
Augustus Pablo - pretty baby
Augustus Pablo - pablo in dub
Augustus Pablo - dread eye
Augustus Pablo - too late
Augustus Pablo - assignment no. 1
Augustus Pablo - jah rock
Augustus Pablo - lover's mood
Augustus Pablo - java original
Augustus Pablo - guiding red

Augustus Pablo - Rising Sun 1986

Augustus Pablo - Dub Wiser
Augustus Pablo - Hop I Land
Augustus Pablo - Rising Sun
Augustus Pablo - Fire Red
Augustus Pablo - Jah Wind
Augustus Pablo - Pipers Of Zion
Augustus Pablo - The Day Before The Riot
Augustus Pablo - African Frontline
Augustus Pablo - Melchesedec (The High Priest)
Augustus Pablo - Signs And Wonders

Augustus Pablo - Eastman Dub 1980

Augustus Pablo - Only Jah Jah Dub
Augustus Pablo - Eastman Dub
Augustus Pablo - Look Within Dub
Augustus Pablo - Isn't It Dub
Augustus Pablo - It Up Jah Dub
Augustus Pablo - Big Yard Connection
Augustus Pablo - African Step
Augustus Pablo - Original Scientist
Augustus Pablo - Corner Stone (Chapter 3)

Annette Brissette - Love Power 1983

Annette Brissette - Forever Loving Jah
Annette Brissette - Betrayed
Annette Brissette - Baby I Need Your Loving
Annette Brissette - What A Feeling
Annette Brissette - He's My God
Annette Brissette - Jumping Up And Down
Annette Brissette - Love Power
Annette Brissette - Drums

5 de agosto de 2020

Augustus Pablo - Rockers Come East 1987

Augustus Pablo - Sun Ray Dub
Augustus Pablo - Jah D Special
Augustus Pablo - Rockers Come East
Augustus Pablo - Dubbing The Oppressors
Augustus Pablo - Zion Seals Dub
Augustus Pablo - Pablo Meets P Smart I
Augustus Pablo - Progression Dub
Augustus Pablo - Revelino Dub
Augustus Pablo - Babylon Loosing Dub

Augustus Pablo - King Selassie I Calling 1996

Augustus Pablo - Way of the world
Augustus Pablo - H.I.M. golden harps
Augustus Pablo - Earth Quaker
Augustus Pablo - King Selassie I calling
Augustus Pablo - Eastwind
Augustus Pablo - Freedom Dance
Augustus Pablo - Fire people dub
Augustus Pablo - Seven winds from zion
Augustus Pablo - Hippty hop Babylon pop+Ska train
Augustus Pablo - Eternal dub
Augustus Pablo - Ark of the Govenant 
Augustus Pablo - Fountain of life
Augustus Pablo - Crystal dew drops
Augustus Pablo - Telepatic Blues
Augustus Pablo - Rainbow in the dark
Augustus Pablo - Missing link
Augustus Pablo - Home-bound
Augustus Pablo - Revolution in Anzania
Augustus Pablo - Melodies from the roots
Augustus Pablo - Drums for redemption

Augustus Pablo - Java Java Dub 1989

Augustus Pablo - java augustus pablo & chosen few original
Augustus Pablo - java java impact all stars original vers
Augustus Pablo - wackie fence skank crutches & d brown
Augustus Pablo - black man's world tyron downie
Augustus Pablo - nebuchannezar the upsetters
Augustus Pablo - rebel's spot impact all stars
Augustus Pablo - mava dennis alcapone & augustus pablo
Augustus Pablo - kelly's place crutches & heptones
Augustus Pablo - station no 9 crutches & d brown
Augustus Pablo - e t special tommy mccook & bobby ellis
Augustus Pablo - jam - rock special impact all stars
Augustus Pablo - extra ordinary dub errol t,bingy bunny,g

Augustus Pablo - Earth Rightful Ruler 1982

Augustus Pablo - Earth Rightful Ruler
Augustus Pablo - King Alpha And Queen Omega
Augustus Pablo - Jah Love Endureth
Augustus Pablo - Rastafari Tradition
Augustus Pablo - Zion Hill
Augustus Pablo - Java remake
Augustus Pablo - Lightning And Thunder
Augustus Pablo - Israel School Yard
Augustus Pablo - City Of David
Augustus Pablo - Musical Changes

4 de agosto de 2020

4th Street Orchestra - Yuh Learn 1977

4th Street Orchestra - The Grunwick Affair
4th Street Orchestra - Rowing Down The River
4th Street Orchestra - Take Your Pick
4th Street Orchestra - Blue Moon
4th Street Orchestra - Front Line
4th Street Orchestra - Don't Boost Them Up
4th Street Orchestra - Forever Missing You
4th Street Orchestra - New Kent Road

4th Street Orchestra - Rama Scientific Higher Ranking Dub 1978

4th Street Orchestra - Higher Ranking
4th Street Orchestra - One Life To Live
4th Street Orchestra - Still In Dub
4th Street Orchestra - Scientific
4th Street Orchestra - Higking Ranher
4th Street Orchestra - Hosaso
4th Street Orchestra - Rainy
4th Street Orchestra - Hurting
4th Street Orchestra - Kunta Kiap
4th Street Orchestra - Oh Lawd
4th Street Orchestra - Exodus

15-16-17 - Magic Touch DEB Music LP 1977-78

15-16-17 - Girls Imagination
15-16-17 - Funny Feeling
15-16-17 - I'm Hurt
15-16-17 - The Weather
15-16-17 - Emotion
15-16-17 - Magic Touch
15-16-17 - Someone Special
15-16-17 - Baby Love
15-16-17 - I've Been Watching You
15-16-17 - Black Skin Boy's

VA - Lovers for Lovers Vol 1-2 1989

Davina Wright & Patrick Rose - you're my lady
Samantha Rose  - go away little boy
Carol Campbell - let's try agin
Panchita Latouche - spend some time
Freddy Clarke - lets make it up
Freddy Clarke - never gonna change my mind
Donavon Bramwell - I don't want to be alone
Carol Campbell - it's over (between me and you)
Carol Campbell  - got to let you know
Patrick Rose - spend the night
The Blackstones - sweet feeling
Panchita Latouche - three o'clock in the morning
Patrick Rose - play girl
Patrick Rose - special
Panchita Latouche - saturday night is here again
Patrick Rose - Man In The Mirror

3 de agosto de 2020

VA - Lovers for Lovers Vol 3 1990

Matumbi - After tonight
Natural Ites - Lately
Patrick Rose - you're my sugar
Roland Burrell - Stormy night
Sylvia Tella - Spell
Derrick Harriott - Let me down easy
Juliet Nelson - Love story
Delroy Wilson - I'm still waiting
Samantha Rose - Can't belive i'm losing you
Joy Mack - Reality

VA - Lovers for Lovers Vol 4 1990

Matumbi - man in me
Legato - fool for your love
African Brothers - paty night
Pat Kelly - sunshine
Derrick Harriott - love is just around the corner
Al Campbell - gee baby
Riot Squad - i would like to loveyou
Derrick Harriott - float on
Delroy Wilson - Ain't That Loving You
Derrick Harriott - look over your shoulder

VA - Lovers for Lovers Vol 5 1991

Freddie McGregor - Natural Collie
Jean Adebambo - Paradise
Alton Ellis - Mr Skabena
Junior English - Never Loose Never Win
Trevor Walters - Give Love a Try
omino Johnson - Summer Time
Slim Smith - Sitting in the Park
Kevin & Kate - With You I'm Bron Again
Louisa Mark - Even Though You're Gone
Lloyd Charmers - Oh Me, Oh My
Locks Lee - What Can I Do
Paulette Walker - Chycky's in Love

VA - Lovers For Lovers Vol 6 1991

Otis Gayle - I'll Be Around
Sugar Minott - This Is Lovers Rock
Janet Kay - I Do Love You
Heptics - Natural Woman
Alton Ellis - Day Dreaming
Janet Kay - You Bring The Sun Out
Heptics - Mind Blowing Decisions
Prince Lincoln Thompson & The Royal Rasses - San Salvador
Alton Ellis - Love On Top
George Nooks - We're In This Love Together
John Holt - Fancy Make Up
Slim Smith - Time Has Come

1 de agosto de 2020

VA - Lovers For Lovers Vol 7 1992

Victor Roero Evans - At The Club 
Louisa Marks - Caught You In A Lie 
Dennis Brown - Here I Come
Larry Marshall - I Admire You 
Trevor Walters - Love Me Tonight
Slim Smith - My Conversation
Horace Andy - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone 
Larry Marshall - Can't You Understand
Jimmy Lindsey - Easy - Jimmy Lindsey
Delroy Wilson - Living In The Footsteps 

VA - Lovers for Lovers Vol 8 1993


VA - Lovers For Lovers Vol 9 1994

John Holt - Jam In The Street
Linval Cooper - Happy Birthday 
T.T Ross - Jealousy  T.T Ross
Junior English - Take Care Of Yourself 
Johnny Clarke - Can't Get Enough 
Junior English - In Loving You 
Ginger Williams - I Still Love You 
Sugar Minott - Sandy 
Mellow Rose - Woman In Love
Jackie Edwards - In The Mood 
Patricia Smith - It Ain't All That Easy 
Junior English - Rock Reggae

VA - Lovers for Lovers Vol 10 1994

The Heptones - I Miss You
The Mighty Diamonds - Just My Imagination
The Paragons - Black Birds Singing
Paulette Walker - Chucky's In Love
The Heptones - Make Up To Break Up
Derrick Harriott - Dancing The Reggae
Valerie Harrison - Golden Touch
Glen Ricks - Reasons                                    
Erica Gale - Paradise Just For A Moment           
Pat Kelly - Last Chance                              

31 de julho de 2020

Yabby You Meets Mad Professor & Black Steel In Ariwa Studio 2005

Blowing In The Wind
Steppers Corner
Rootsy Mood
Winds Of Dub
Commercial Dreadlocks
Righteous Dublocks
Death Trap
Dub Trap
Dub Flight Out
Spiritual Dub

Warrior King - Hold The Faith 2005

Warrior King - Reverence (intro)
Warrior King - Another Love Song
Warrior King - Baby Girl
Warrior King - They Don't Know
Warrior King - Education
Warrior King - Judah
Warrior King - King
Warrior King - Motherland Awaits
Warrior King - Hold The Faith
Warrior King - Everyday
Warrior King - Can't Get Me Down
Warrior King - Judgement Day
Warrior King - Meditation
Warrior King - Freedom
Warrior King - My Life
Warrior King - I Wonder

V.A Reggae Goodies, Vol. 1 2005

Love Joys - I Belong to You
Joe Morgan - Selassie
Wayne Jarrett - Basement Session
John Clarke - African Woman
Jah Carlos - John Brown
African Jamaicans - Black Harmony
Stranger Cole - Loving Man
John Clarke - Capture Land
Jerry Hitler - Recession
K.C. White - What's Wrong with You

V.A Reggae For Christ 2006

Judy Mowatt - Yeah Man No Problem
Andrew Lawrence - The Most High Jesus Christ
Kevin Downswell - To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required
Paul "Limey" Murray - Push Up The Praise
Katalys Crew - Don't Cast Your Pearls Before Swine
Andrew Lawrence - Evil Doers (Easy Rider Mix)
TNJ - Demon Possessed
Mikey Spice - Evil Doers
Kevin Downswell - The devil Is On The Prowl
Judy Mowatt - Ease and Settle
Mikey Spice - Reggae For Christ
Kellian Bernard - On The Road To Zion
Katalys Crew - You're Gonna Reap What You Sow
Kevin Downswell - Since The World Didn't Love Me