sexta-feira, 19 de maio de 2017

Ras Midas ‎- Reaching Out (2006)

Crazy World
Reaching Out
Broke Your Foot
One Step At A Time
Pride And Joy
Living In This World
Women Struggle
Such A Long Time
Meet Me By The River
Mystery Babylon
They Don't Like
World Of Catastrophe

George Nooks ‎- Giving Thanks (2005)

Give Thanks
Always There For You
He Has Made Me Glad
How Great Thou Art
Lean On Me
Can You Reach My Friend
My Redeemer Live
Sweeter As The Day Goes By
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Lord I Lift Your Name
Live For Jesus
No Power
Guide Me
Lead Me
God Is Standing By
One God

Rod Anton ‎- Angel (2010)

Queen A Di Dancefloor
A Big This, A Big That
Angel Remix
Rudie Dub Remix


quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

Yabby You ‎- The Yabby You Collection (1984)

Deliver Me From My Enemies
Anti Christ
Run Come Rally
Babylon Gone Down
Chant Down Babylon
Judgement Time
Carnal Mind
Fire, Fire
Conquering Lion
One Love, One Heart

U. Brown - Tu Sheng Peng (1983)

Hotter Reggae Music
Please Mr. D.J.
Diana Black
Love Lawn
Tu Sheng Peng
Shank I Sheck
Give Me Your Loving
Buble With Me
Dub You Know
Skidip Wine Up Your Hip

Vivian Weathers ‎- Bad Weathers (1978)

Going To The Blues
Hip Hug
The Way You Walk
A Fool And His Baby
Street Talk
People A Talk
Star Of Sufferation
Gypsy Love
The Letter
Move Ghetto Children

quarta-feira, 17 de maio de 2017

Jimmy Reid - Still Nah Give Up (2016)

African Beauty
In the Ghetto
Love's Birthday
Nah Give Up
Open the Door
Take Me Back to Africa
Tears of a Clown
The Air That I Breathe
Young Gifted and Beautiful

the Wailing Souls ‎- Equality (2002)

Haro Living
Not For Us
Back Of My Hand
No Joy Ride
Speaking Of Time
Down On Your Knees
Power And The Glory
Don't Say
Stop The Conflict


Michael Prophet ‎- Stars In Disco Showcase (1982)

Prayer Of The Upright
Prayer Of The Upright (Version)
Free Up Your Heart
Free Up Your Heart (Version)
Falkland Crisis Dub
Agression Dub
Ethiopia (Version)

Michael Prophet's - Long Long Tribulation (2006)

You Are No Good
That Is What I Am
Tell Me That You Love Me
Long Long Tribulation
As Long As the Sun Shine
I Want Your Heart
Here Comes the Bride

Michael Prophet ‎- Know The "Right" (1978)

Know The Right
Roots Man Time
Stop Throw Stones
Watch Your Step
Step Right In
No Friend In This Time
My Lady
The Crisis
I Can't Take It
Man Of Experience

Michael Prophet ‎- Consciousness (2000)

Hear My Prayer
Turn Me Loose
The Gates Of Zion
Praise You Jah Jah
Love And Unity
Warn Them Jah
Conscious Man
Give Thanks
Serious Reasoning
Hurt No One

Michael Prophet ‎- Certify (1983)

2000 Years
Evil Doers
Jah Love
World Of Confusion
Give I A Try
It's Time
Back Off
Jah Jah Rain A Fall

terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017

Tyrone Taylor ‎- Rock On (1999)

I Miss You
Midnight Hour
Oh Love
Knock On Wood
Fade Away
So Good To Me
Want My Baby Back
Ready To Party
Chant Down Babylon

Honey Boy ‎- Master Piece 2000 (2001)

I Love You
Sim Sim
All I Want
Give Me A Chance
Peace And Harmony
Ride Me Donkey
I Know
Where Will You Be
What Are We Fighting For
Baby Don't Lie
I Believe In Love
Jealous Cat
Oh Brazil
Come To Me
Ave Maria
Strawberry From The Northeast

Maxi Priest - Maxi (1987)

Wild World
Suzie You Are
Goodbye To Love Again
You're Only Human
Same Old Story
How Can We Ease The Pain?
It Ain't Easy
Some Guys Have All The Luck


Michael Prophet ‎- Bull Talk (1992)

Bull Talk
My Love
Tickle Me
Here Comes The Bride
Just Talking
Strange Feeling
Touch Me Back
Mother Africa


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