19 de janeiro de 2021

Ernie Smith - Life Is Just For Living 1974

Ernie Smith - i love you to want me
Ernie Smith - for the good times
Ernie Smith - you poured sugar on me
Ernie Smith - as long as you love me
Ernie Smith - i am i said
Ernie Smith - pitta patta
Ernie Smith - help me make it through the night
Ernie Smith - god is standing by
Ernie Smith - love song
Ernie Smith - killing me softly
Ernie Smith - alvin
Ernie Smith - sunday morning


Arranged By – Jerome Franscique*
Backing Vocals – Allain Grant (tracks: B4), Dawn Forrester, Margaret Lewis (3), Marjorie Whylie
Bass – Lloyd Parks
Engineer – Buddy Davison*
Horns – David Madden, Glen Dacosta, Jerome Franscique*
Mellotron, Synthesizer – Leslie Butler
Musician – Danny Harrison (2), Geoffrey Chung, Mike Richards*, Mike Chung*, Robert Lyn*, Val Douglas
Producer – Jerome Franscique*
Strings – Geoffrey Woodham, Karen Woodham, Milton Davis (3), Steven Woodham
Recorded At – Federal Records Studio
Marketed By – B & C Records
Written By – Copyright Control
Written-By – E. Smith*
Written-By – Fox*, Gimbel*
Written-By – J. Taylor*
Written-By – K. Kristofferson*
Written-By – Neil Diamond
Written-By – Adams*, Levine*
Written-By – B. Marley*, J. Nash*
Written-By – K. Kristofferson*
Written-By – K. Lavoie*
Selo:Trojan Records ‎


Elephant Wise - The Reasoning 2009

Elephant Wise - Intro
Elephant Wise - Oman Feat. Amsie Brown
Elephant Wise - Sugar Nancy
Elephant Wise - Interlude 2
Elephant Wise - Burning Out
Elephant Wise - Legalize It
Elephant Wise - Fire Blaze
Elephant Wise - Burning Slow
Elephant Wise - Highest Grade Feat. Deadly Hunta
Elephant Wise - 21 Gun Salute
Elephant Wise - Cool Down Feat. LNX Dread - Elijah
Elephant Wise - Interlude 1
Elephant Wise - Belly a Di Beast
Elephant Wise - Run Dancehall


Label : Lava Camp Royale/Dasvibes Jamaica


Ernest Wilson - Love Revolution 1986

Ernest Wilson - Jah Mark X Fe Dat
Ernest Wilson - Tempo Love
Ernest Wilson - Come To Me
Ernest Wilson - To Be Free
Ernest Wilson - Love Revolution
Ernest Wilson - Think Twice
Ernest Wilson - Can't Let Go
Ernest Wilson - Hop Hop Hop


Design [Sleeve] – Tim A'Ché
Engineer – Sid Bucknor
Written-By, Backing Vocals – E. Wilson*
Written-By, Producer – T. Bow*
Recorded At – Tuff Gong Recording Studio
Recorded At – Aquarius Studio
Recorded At – Harry J's Recording Studio
Overdubbed At – B.B.M.C. Studio, London
Remixed At – B.B.M.C. Studio, London
Published By – Natty Music
Mastered At – Musitech
Bass – Aston (Family Man) Barrett*
Drums [Name Unknown] – Unknown Artist
Piano, Organ – Earl (Wia) Lindo*
Rhythm Guitar, Percussion – Trevor Bow
Saxophone – Dean Frazer*
Trombone – Nambo*
Trumpet – David Madden
Bass – Lloyd Parks
Drums – Angus (Drummie) Gaye*
Keyboards – Clifton (Bigga) Morrison*
Lead Guitar [Courtesy Of The Wailers] – Unknown Artist
Piano – Gladstone Anderson
Rhythm Guitar, Percussion – Trevor Bow
Bass – Lloyd Parks
Drums – Angus (Drummie) Gaye*
Keyboards – Earl (Wia) Lindo*
Lead Guitar [Courtesy Of The Wailers] – Unknown Artist
Piano – Gladstone Anderson
Rhythm Guitar, Percussion – Trevor Bow
Bass, Rhythm Guitar – Danny (Bassie) Thomson*
Drums – Leroy (Horsemouth) Wallace*
Keyboards – Clifton (Bigga) Morrison*
Percussion – Trevor Bow
Piano – Earl (Wia) Lindo*
Selo:Natty Congo 


Ernie Smith - Greatest Hits 1972

Ernie Smith - One Dream
Ernie Smith - Indiana Wants Me
Ernie Smith - Juliet
Ernie Smith - Footprints On The Ceiling
Ernie Smith - Bend Down
Ernie Smith - Ride On Sammy
Ernie Smith - Knock Three Time
Ernie Smith - I Am I Said
Ernie Smith - Girl
Ernie Smith - Sunday Morning Coming Down


Design – The Roberts Design Group
Engineer – Buddy Davidson
Liner Notes – Stare McCallum
Music By – Tomorrow's Children
Photography By – Karl Whitbourne, Richard Khouri
Producer – Richard Khouri
Recorded At – Federal Records Studio
Made By – Federal Record Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Printed By – Times Printery
Written-By – Kris Kristofferson
Written-By – Ernie Smith
Written-By – Neil Diamond
Written-By – Irwin Levine, L. Russell Brown
Written-By – R. Dean/Taylor*
Selo:London Records ‎


18 de janeiro de 2021

Earl Sixteen - Wake Up 2006

Earl Sixteen - blackman
Earl Sixteen - awake
Earl Sixteen - nyabinghi
Earl Sixteen - militant woman
Earl Sixteen - ebony eyes
Earl Sixteen - hail him
Earl Sixteen - were all in this thing together
Earl Sixteen - a love that is real
Earl Sixteen - children of israel
Earl Sixteen - gates of hell


Label : Ariwa Sounds

Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Visions Of Africa 1978

Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Vision Of Africa
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - My Brethren
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Jah Light
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Happiness
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Fly Your Dread
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Jamaica Peace Treaty
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Easy Niah Man
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Ethiopia
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Babylon Queendom
Errol 'Flabba' Holt - Queendom Fall


Backing Band – Soul Cyndicate Band*
Engineer – P. Kelly*, P Jammy*
Producer – N. Beckford*
Recorded At – Randy's Studio
Recorded At – Channel One Recording Studio
Recorded At – Joe Gibbs Studio
Marketed By – Original Music
Printed By – Xpress Litho Ltd.
Distributed By – Dread & Dread
Selo:Original Music

Errol Blackwood - Rastaman Say 2003

Errol Blackwood - The Veterans
Errol Blackwood - Cooling Down de Rage
Errol Blackwood - Chant
Errol Blackwood - Nacopenda
Errol Blackwood - The Gospel Gun
Errol Blackwood - Our Fathers Home
Errol Blackwood - Calling, Calling
Errol Blackwood - Cant Sing Da Blues
Errol Blackwood - Freedom Fighters
Errol Blackwood - Sweet Temptation
Errol Blackwood - Beware
Errol Blackwood - Camel and the Needle
Errol Blackwood - Rastaman Say
Errol Blackwood - Hebrew Child
Errol Blackwood - Man or Mouse


Selo:Not On Label 

Errol Brown - Dub over Dub 2CD 1996


Errol Brown - Sly Special
Errol Brown - Revolution Chapter One
Errol Brown - Jah Caught Them Dub
Errol Brown - Falling In Dub
Errol Brown - Woman Iron Rock
Errol Brown - Black Cat Version
Errol Brown - Over Dub
Errol Brown - Dub Outta Control
Errol Brown - Dub And Harmony
Errol Brown - Love Dub
Errol Brown - Strictly Roots
Errol Brown - Su Su Mouth
Errol Brown - Forward In Dub
Errol Brown - Downtown Rock


Errol Brown - Lion Dub
Errol Brown - Dub In Peace
Errol Brown - Phase One Special
Errol Brown - A Living Dub
Errol Brown - Sky Nation Skank
Errol Brown - Peace And Initiy
Errol Brown - Dub It In A Dreamland
Errol Brown - Chatty Dub
Errol Brown - This Yah Dub
Errol Brown - Winning Version
Errol Brown - Dub Walla
Errol Brown - Ital Dub
Errol Brown - Socialist Dub


Alto Saxophone – Headley "Deadley" Bennett*, Herman Marquis
Bass – Bertram "Ranchie" McLean
Bass, Guitar – Robbie Shakespeare
Compiled By – Chris Wilson (2)
Design – Nancy Given
Drums – Micheal "Mickey Boo" Richards*, Sly Dunbar
Guitar – Radcliffe "Duggie" Bryan*, Willie Lindo
Keyboards – Ansel Collins, Earl "Wire" Lindo, Harold Butler, Winston Wright
Mastered By – Toby Mountain
Mixed By – Errol Brown (2) (tracks: 1-1 to 1-4, 1-6 to 1-14, 2-1 to 2-13)
Percussion – Count Ossie, Harry Powell, Uziah "Sticky" Thompson
Producer – S.E. Pottinger*
Tenor Saxophone – Cedric "Im" Brooks, Dean Fraser
Trombone – Nambo*, Vin "Don D Jr." Gordon*
Trumpet – Bobby Ellis, Clive Hunt, David Madden
Written-By – Push Group*
Selo:Heartbeat Records 

16 de janeiro de 2021

Earl Sixteen and Manasseh - Gold Dust 2014

Earl Sixteen - walls of the city
Earl Sixteen - pharaoh
Earl Sixteen - love wothout feeling ft vin gordon and praise
Earl Sixteen - roots man dance
Earl Sixteen - matter of time ft brother culture
Earl Sixteen - gold dust (vocal mix)
Earl Sixteen - righteous one ft ras zacharri
Earl Sixteen - ease up
Earl Sixteen - carzy love
Earl Sixteen - cheating
Earl Sixteen - few more miles
Earl Sixteen - zion city


Featuring – Ras Zacharri
Featuring – Brother Culture
Featuring – Vin Gordon
Selo:Roots Garden

Earth, Roots & Water - Innocent Youth 1979

Earth, Roots & Water - innocent youths
Earth, Roots & Water - tribulations °°
Earth, Roots & Water - liberation
Earth, Roots & Water - love the same old way
Earth, Roots & Water - lou sent me
Earth, Roots & Water - jah les' lament
Earth, Roots & Water - back a yard
Earth, Roots & Water - zion
Earth, Roots & Water - bonus insturmental


Cover, Design – Ato Seitu
Selo:Summer Records

Echo Minott - Showcase 1984

Echo Minott - Tribulation
Echo Minott - Feel It
Echo Minott - Try To Hypnotise Me
Echo Minott - Yow
Echo Minott - You Have Fe Move
Echo Minott - Let's Move
Echo Minott - My Sweet Lady
Echo Minott - She Nice
Echo Minott - Girl Next Door
Echo Minott - A We Control


Arranged By, Producer – G. Phang*
Bass – Robbie Shakespeare
Design [Jacket] – Darcell Grant
Drums – Sly Dunbar
Guitar – Willie Lindo
Horns – Dean Frazier*
Percussion – Skully*
Piano – Robbie Lyn
Manufactured By – Jam Can Records
Distributed By – Jam Can Records
Recorded At – Channel One Recording Studio
Selo:Jam Can ‎

Ernie Smith - To Behold Jah 1979

Ernie Smith - Show Me A Sign
Ernie Smith - To Behold Jah
Ernie Smith - Who I Am
Ernie Smith - Freedom
Ernie Smith - Take Your Time
Ernie Smith - Don't Let Me Down
Ernie Smith - Time
Ernie Smith - Top Rankin Skankin


Arranged By – Clive Ross, Jo Jo Bennett
Art Direction, Design – Ian Bell (7)
Backing Vocals – Glen Ricketts
Bass, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Congas – Clive Ross
Cover, Design Concept – Olivia Grange*
Drums, Congas – Wadi Daniel
Engineer – George Semkiw, Rick Knight
Horns, Keyboards, Congas, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Jo Jo Bennett
Illustration – Lynn Reist
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Paul Corby
Management – Olivia Grange*
Mixed By – Alex King, J. Emmanuel Morris, John Forbes
Musician – Dwight Pinkney, Gerry Sang, Glen DaCosta, John Forbes, Lenford Richards*
Percussion, Backing Vocals – Tony Nicholson (2)
Photography By – Calvin Butler
Producer – Ernie Smith
Vocals, Guitar, Congas – Ernie Smith
Recorded At – RCA Studios, Toronto
Recorded At – Phase One Studios
Overdubbed At – The Grange, Toronto, ON
Mixed At – Thunder Sound
Manufactured By – Boot Records Limited
Distributed By – Boot Records Limited
Written-By – Clive Nelson, Clive Ross, Ernie Smith, Wadi Daniel
Written-By – Ernie Smith, Anthony Nicholson*
Selo:Generation Records (3)


15 de janeiro de 2021

Earl Sixteen - Year 2000

Earl Sixteen - Year 2000
Earl Sixteen - Problems
Earl Sixteen - Prophets
Earl Sixteen - Leaving Babylon
Earl Sixteen - Day By Day
Earl Sixteen - Big Man
Earl Sixteen - Girl Of Mine
Earl Sixteen - Mind Drifting


Photography By – Beth Lesser
Producer – Stanley S. Lindsay*
Selo:Oswald Music (2) 


Errol Dunkley - Darling Ooh! 1972

Errol Dunkley - You Never Know
Errol Dunkley - Movie Star
Errol Dunkley - Created By The Father
Errol Dunkley - A Little Way Different
Errol Dunkley - Like To Be Boozed
Errol Dunkley - Hi-Lite (part 1)
Errol Dunkley - Darling Ooh
Errol Dunkley - Baby I Love You
Errol Dunkley - You're Gonna Need Me
Errol Dunkley - I'm Not The Man For You
Errol Dunkley - It Was Nice While It Lasted
Errol Dunkley - Hi Lite (part 2)


Label:Attack UK-Re


Errol Dunkley - Militant Man 1980

Errol Dunkley - You've Been Bad
Errol Dunkley - You're My Number One
Errol Dunkley - Happiness
Errol Dunkley - Militant Man
Errol Dunkley - The Look Of Love
Errol Dunkley - Girl Be True


Arranged By – Lord Koos
Bass – Robbert Shakespeare*
Bongos – Sky Juice
Drums – Sly Dunbar
Keyboards – Ossie Hibbert
Mixed By, Vocals, Producer – Errol Dunkley
Piano – Jackie Mittoo
Recorded At – Channel One Recording Studio
Selo:Lovella International 

The Ethiopians - Clap Your Hands 1993

The Ethiopians - Feel The Spirit
The Ethiopians - So You Look On It
The Ethiopians - Everyday Talking
The Ethiopians - Don't Let Him Go
The Ethiopians - One
The Ethiopians - Sharing You
The Ethiopians - Joy Joy
The Ethiopians - High High
The Ethiopians - Your Promise
The Ethiopians - Opportunity
The Ethiopians - Things A Get From Bad To Worse
The Ethiopians - I'll Never Get Burn
The Ethiopians - Woman Capture Man
The Ethiopians - I Want You My Baby


Selo:Lagoon ‎


14 de janeiro de 2021

Echo Minott - Rock & Calypso 1985

Echo Minott - One Man Alone
Echo Minott - Lazy Body
Echo Minott - Uncle Sam Country
Echo Minott - World We Never Made
Echo Minott - Close To You
Echo Minott - Open Arms
Echo Minott - My Mommy
Echo Minott - Rock & Calypso


Bass – Derrick Barnett, Lloyd Parkes*
Design, Artwork – Orville "Bagga" Case
Drums – Grub Cooper*, Benbow, Devon Richardson
Engineer – Django Timoschenko*, Sylvan Morris
Guitar – Andy Bassford, Lloyd Willis*
Keyboards – Keith Sterling, Asher*
Percussion – Scully*, Sticky*
Saxophone – Glen DaCosta
Written-By – H. Johnson*, N. Phillips*
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Cari-Blue Music
Copyright (c) – Sunset Records (2)
Printed By – Xpress Litho Ltd.
Manufactured By – Sunset Records (2)
Distributed By – Sunset Records (2)
Selo:Sunset Records (2) ‎


Errol Dunkley - Sit And Cry Over You 197x

Errol Dunkley - love brother love
Errol Dunkley - give (if you can give)
Errol Dunkley - ho lord (hear my humble prayer)
Errol Dunkley - repatriation
Errol Dunkley - peek a boo
Errol Dunkley - sit and cry over
Errol Dunkley - letter to mommy and daddy
Errol Dunkley - if this world was mine
Errol Dunkley - dont go nowhere
Errol Dunkley - patricia i love


Effects [Strings Effects] – Steve Wadey (2)
Engineer – Sid Bucknor
Executive-Producer – Shelly (9)
Liner Notes – Gene Rondo
Mixed By – Sid Bucknor
Musician [Backing Tracks By] – Glady Anderson*
Other [Backing Vocals By] – Ethel, Johan
Producer – Sid Bucknor
Printed By – Solo-Graphic Printers Ltd.
Selo:Shelly Power ‎


The Ethiopians - Reggae Power 1969

The Ethiopians - woman a capture man
The Ethiopians - everything crash
The Ethiopians - what a fire
The Ethiopians - losing you
The Ethiopians - robert f. kennedy (sir jj all stars)
The Ethiopians - free
The Ethiopians - hong kong flu
The Ethiopians - gun man
The Ethiopians - One
The Ethiopians - Feel The Spirit
The Ethiopians - Dollar Of Soul (Sir JJ All Stars)


Written-By – J.J. Johnson (2)
Pressed By – Record Industry – 29331
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
Copyright (c) – Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
Licensed From – BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited
Manufactured By – Music On Vinyl B.V.
Distributed By – Music On Vinyl B.V.
Selo:Music On Vinyl ‎– MOVLP2719, Trojan Records


Everton Blender - World Corruption 1996

Everton Blender - Coming Harder
Everton Blender - World Corruption
Everton Blender - Just Wanna Be
Everton Blender - The Man
Everton Blender - Live Up
Everton Blender - Bob Marley
Everton Blender - Piece A Di Blender
Everton Blender - Blow Your Nose
Everton Blender - Blend Dem
Everton Blender - Material Girl
Everton Blender - Baa Baa White Sheep
Everton Blender - When You Wrong
Everton Blender - If You Want To Dance
Everton Blender - Blow Your Nose Part 2


Producer – Richard Bell
Selo:Greensleeves Records ‎


13 de janeiro de 2021

Earl Sixteen Vs. Ken Parker - Fusion 2016

Earl Sixteen - earl 16 long time stepper
Earl Sixteen - e.r.s. bo bo dread
Earl Sixteen - earl 16 cant stop the youth
Earl Sixteen - e.r.s. man of tomorrow
Earl Sixteen - earl 16-inheritance from jah
Earl Sixteen - e.r.s. harvest time
Earl Sixteen - earl 16 mind driftin
Earl Sixteen - e.r.s. kudos
Earl Sixteen - ken parker what kind of world are we living in
Earl Sixteen - e.r.s. campbell boulevard
Earl Sixteen - ken parker forbidden love
Earl Sixteen - e.r.s. after midnight
Earl Sixteen - ken parker deceiving girl
Earl Sixteen - e.r.s. delores miss daughter thomas
Earl Sixteen - ken parker for the last
Earl Sixteen - e.r.s. never say goodbye


Selo:Tamoki-Wambesi-Dove ‎

Easy - Surinam Dub 198x

Easy - Boat To Dub
Easy - Dirty Fighters
Easy - Jah Children
Easy - Nature Dub
Easy - Repatriation
Easy - Surinam Dub


Arranged By, Composed By – Easy (14)
Artwork By [Drawing] – Ruud
Bass – Dennis*
Drums, Lead Guitar – Kenneth*
Engineer – Mike "Rena"*
Keyboards – Ulrich*
Liner Notes – Roy Kenneth*
Percussion – Willy*
Producer, Arranged By, Mixed By, Engineer [Assistant] – Jah Roy
Rhythm Guitar – Rob*
Sleeve, Design – I.D.*
Synthesizer – Mike* (tracks: B3)
Copyright (c) – Roots Music International
Published By – Roots Music International
Recorded At – Rena Studio
Selo:Roots Music International

Everyday Prophets - Gravity 2009

Everyday Prophets - lazerbeam
Everyday Prophets - sharks in the water
Everyday Prophets - flinch
Everyday Prophets - not too late
Everyday Prophets - fistful of rage
Everyday Prophets - outlooks good
Everyday Prophets - trouble
Everyday Prophets - gravity
Everyday Prophets - turn me on
Everyday Prophets - real insanity
Everyday Prophets - so much woman
Everyday Prophets - time ago
Everyday Prophets - fire in the arcade
Everyday Prophets - ballad of charles gray


Released in digipak.
© 2009 Everyday Prophets LLC

As stated on back side of digipak:
Packaging and tray made from recycled materials.
File under: Rock, Reggae, Electronic
Selo:Everyday Prophets LLC ‎


Faithless - The Greatest Hits 2005

Faithless - Insomnia
Faithless - Mass Destruction
Faithless - God Is A DJ
Faithless - Don't Leave
Faithless - Muhammad Ali
Faithless - We Come 1
Faithless - Reverences
Faithless - Salva Mea
Faithless - One Step Too Far
Faithless - Bring My Family Back
Faithless - Miss U Less, See U More
Faithless - Tarantula
Faithless - Fatty Boo
Faithless - Reasons (Saturday Night)
Faithless - Why Go
Faithless - I Want More


Design – Joanne Morris
Engineer – Dave Burnham (tracks: 4), Goetz (tracks: 1, 3, 7, 8), Grippa (tracks: 2, 5, 6, 9, 11 to 16)
Engineer [Assistant] – P*Nut (tracks: 5, 9, 12)
Keyboards – Sister Bliss (tracks: 2, 5, 6, 9 to 16)
Mixed By – Dave Burnham (tracks: 4), Goetz (tracks: 1, 3, 7, 8), Grippa (tracks: 2, 9, 11, 13 to 16), Rollo (tracks: 1, 3 to 10, 12), Sister Bliss (tracks: 1, 3 to 10, 12)
Performer – Faithless (tracks: 4 to 12)
Photography By [Additional] – Simon Emmett
Photography By [Front Cover & Booklet] – Ellis Parrinder
Photography By [Live] – Damon Hope
Producer – Rollo & Sister Bliss (tracks: 1, 3 to 13, 15, 16)
Programmed By – Rollo (tracks: 6, 8 to 10, 12)
Rap – Maxi Jazz (tracks: 1, 5, 9, 13 to 15)
Vocals – Maxi Jazz (tracks: 2, 6 to 8, 10 to 12, 16)
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.
Copyright (c) – Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.
Made By – Sonopress – 51460873
Glass Mastered At – Sonopress
Keyboards [Additional], Edited By [Additional] – Mark Bates
Piano, Strings, Bass – Sister Bliss
Programmed By – Grippa, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Vocals – Nina Simone
Written-By – Billie Holiday, Maxi Jazz, Rollo Armstrong*, Sister Bliss
Bass, Drums – Ibi Tijani, Mark Bates
Featuring, Vocals – Estelle
Written-By – Boy George, Estelle Swaray, Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Bass – Sister Bliss
Drums, Sampler [Sample] – P*Nut
Producer – P*Nut, Rollo & Sister Bliss
Producer [Additional] – Mike Hedges
Vocals [Chorus] – Ian Dury
Written-By – Chaz Jankel*, David Payne*, Ian Dury, Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Guitar – Martin McCory*
Vocals [Chorus] – The Hiites
Written-By – Francis Job, Glenn Watts, Jimmy Jones*, Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss, Syl Johnson
Percussion – Sudha
Written-By – Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Piano, Strings, Bass – Sister Bliss
Programmed By – Grippa, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Vocals [Chorus] – LSK
Written-By – LSK, Maxi Jazz, Rollo Armstrong*, Sister Bliss
Arranged By [Strings] – Will Malone*
Backing Vocals – Rachael Brown
Guitar – Dave Randall (2)
Leader [Strings] – Gavin Wright*
Mixed By, Engineer – Phill Brown
Percussion – Sudha
Written-By – Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Featuring, Vocals – Dido
Written-By – Dido, Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Backing Vocals – Dido
Keyboards [Additional] – Mr. V
Written-By – Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Backing Vocals – Dido, Pauline Taylor
Bass – Aubrey Nunn
Drums – Mattie Bembrook*
Guitar – Paulie*
Written-By – Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Drums – Andy Treacey
Written-By – Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Backing Vocals – Pauline Taylor
Bass – Aubrey Nunn
Programmed By [Initial] – Ibi Tijani
Programmed By [Remainder] – Rollo
Scratches – DJ Pete Miser*
Vocals [Chorus] – Maxi Jazz
Written-By – Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Backing Vocals – Dido
Vocals – Jamie Catto, Pauline Taylor
Written-By – Jamie Catto, Rollo, Sister Bliss
Written-By – Jamie Catto, Maxi Jazz, Rollo Armstrong*, Sister Bliss
Arranged By [Additional], Programmed By [Additional] – Rollo
Drums, Bass, Guitar – P*Nut
Guitar [Additional] – Matty Benbrook*
Producer – P*Nut, Sister Bliss
Producer [Additional], Mixed By [Additional] – Ash Howes, Mike Hedges
Written-By – Maxi Jazz, P*Nut, Rollo Armstrong*, Sister Bliss
Written-By – Maxi Jazz, Rollo Armstrong*, Sister Bliss
Selo:Sony BMG Music Entertainment 


12 de janeiro de 2021

Earth & Stone - Back To Africa 1978

Earth & Stone - Dance Crasher
Earth & Stone - Willow Tree
Earth & Stone - Back To Africa
Earth & Stone - Tribute To Stone
Earth & Stone - Still In Slavery
Earth & Stone - Let's Build Our Dreams
Earth & Stone - Raindrops
Earth & Stone - You'll Come Running
Earth & Stone - She Want It


Engineer – Errol Brown (2)
Producer – Buster Riley
Record Company – Different Records Ltd.
Recorded At – Treasure Isle Recording Studio
Printed By – Clout & Baker Ltd.
Distributed By – Selecta Limited

Easton Clarke - World Peace 1987

Easton Clarke - A stone in my way
Easton Clarke - Africa's Blood
Easton Clarke - Heng on Pan Jah
Easton Clarke - I never give up
Easton Clarke - No more connection
Easton Clarke - Out of captivity
Easton Clarke - Picture on the wall
Easton Clarke - Rasta come again
Easton Clarke - Take heed
Easton Clarke - Top Form
Easton Clarke - Wire Fence
Easton Clarke - World Peace


Arranged By – Sidney* (tracks: 3, 4, 8, 12), Simon* (tracks: 3, 4, 8, 12)
Backing Band – The Solution Band
Backing Vocals – Singer Jay
Bass – Simon Terhart
Drums – Olaf Harmiling
Engineer – Mirko Kugel, Tony Brown (7)
Executive Producer – Ibrahim El Amin
Guitar – Christian Fischer (13)
Keyboards – Professor Willy (Mensah)*
Lead Vocals – Easton Clarke
Percussion – Sidney Chirino
Producer [Assistant] – Sidney Chirino
Producer, Written-By, Arranged By – Easton Clarke
Produced For – Commercial Business Ibrahim Ltd.
Distributed By – Commercial Business Ibrahim Ltd.
Recorded At – Skyline Tonfabrik
Mixed At – Skyline Tonfabrik
Mastered At – Skyline Tonfabrik
Selo:Commercial Business Ibrahim Ltd.

Errol Moore - It's Time 2009

Errol Moore - Strive
Errol Moore - Try Love (Extended)
Errol Moore - Dance
Errol Moore - Step By Step
Errol Moore - Love Connection
Errol Moore - Signs Of The Times Feat. Blak The Barber
Errol Moore - We Need Love
Errol Moore - It Ain't Easy
Errol Moore - Just Be My Love Tonight
Errol Moore - It's Time
Errol Moore - I Feel Your Vibe
Errol Moore - Pass It On
Errol Moore - Uncle Sam
Errol Moore - Share My Love
Errol Moore - Toss And Turn Feat. Loc And Wildchild


Selo:Bad Newz Entertainment ‎


Famara - Oreba 2008

Famara - Small Talk
Famara - Colors
Famara - Super Natural
Famara - Acceptez-Moi (I'am What I'am)
Famara - Planet Africa
Famara - Vitamin P
Famara - N'Kayere (Changes)
Famara - Nana Buruku
Famara - Lumbalya
Famara - Prince Rastami
Famara - Sango Fever
Famara - Travel Prayer (Bwana Muzungu)
Famara - Colors Dub


Distributed By – Musikvertrieb AG
Phonographic Copyright (p) – n-gage Productions
Copyright (c) – n-gage Productions
Published By – N-Gage Publishing
Selo:n-gage Productions ‎

11 de janeiro de 2021




Label : Jah Family Records
Guitar: Ramiro Hernández
Bass : Pato Waintrub
arrange : Celeste Aguilera 
Vocal : Ras Dipi,Don Diego Lavia


"Desde da Pandemia" é um álbum que se desenvolveu durante o ano de 2020, em tempos de quarentena, desinformação, paranóia mas também de introspecção, meditação e criatividade artística. Um momento histórico da humanidade.

O novo álbum é composto por 10 canções que percorrem principalmente o gênero Reggae / Dancehall, flertando com sons de rock, dub e hip hop. Composto tanto pela letra quanto pela música de Sebastián Dipietro "Ras Dipi" em seu selo independente "Jah Family Records"  City : Mar del Plata.

Tem a participação especial dos músicos Ramiro Hernández na guitarra elétrica, Pato Waintrub no baixo, cordas, sintetizadores e arranjos em geral, Celeste Aguilera do Brasil, que faz rap na música "Introspecção" e Don Diego Lavia também de Buenos Aires combinando vozes com Ras Dipi em "Resistencia".