segunda-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2020

Devon Russel - Darker Than Blue 2019

Devon Russell - Love to the People
Devon Russell - Wild and Free
Devon Russell - We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue
Devon Russell - Move on Up
Devon Russell - I Gotta Keep on Moving
Devon Russell - Never Too Much Love
Devon Russell - Songs of Sirene
Devon Russell - The Making of You
Devon Russell - I'm Still Waiting
Devon Russell - Give Me Your Love
Devon Russell - Falling in Love with You
Devon Russell - Choice of Colours
Devon Russell - Version in Love
Devon Russell - Makings of Version
Devon Russell, D.j. Papa Finigan - Wild and Free (feat. D.J. Papa Finigan)


Carroll Thompson - The Other Side of Love 1992

Carroll Thompson - The Other Side Of Love
Carroll Thompson - I Go Weak
Carroll Thompson - Lovers And Strangers
Carroll Thompson - Move Me
Carroll Thompson - Walk Away
Carroll Thompson - Unity
Carroll Thompson - Show Some Love Where Is The Love feat. MackaB
Carroll Thompson - Where Were You
Carroll Thompson - A Natural Woman
Carroll Thompson - Rock Me Gently (Bonus CD Track)


sábado, 18 de janeiro de 2020

Marcia Griffiths - Shining Time 2006

Marcia Griffiths - My Hearbeat
Marcia Griffiths - Live Life To The Fullest Ft. Hopeton Lindo
Marcia Griffiths - Bring Back The Love
Marcia Griffiths - Back In The Days
Marcia Griffiths - Jah Daughter Ft. Annette Brissett
Marcia Griffiths - Human Rights
Marcia Griffiths - Shining Time
Marcia Griffiths - My Love
Marcia Griffiths - Focusing Time Ft. Beres Hammond
Marcia Griffiths - This Time Around]
Marcia Griffiths - Harmony Ft. Shaggy
Marcia Griffiths - My Life
Marcia Griffiths - Lies
Marcia Griffiths - Don't Stop
Marcia Griffiths - Until You Come Back To Me
Marcia Griffiths - A House Is Not A Home
Marcia Griffiths - Bring Back The Love Ft. Cutty Ranks
Marcia Griffiths - Crazy Baldhead


Althea And Donna - Uptown Top Ranking 1978

Althea And Donna - No More Fighting - 2001 Digital Remaster
Althea And Donna - Jah Rastafari - 2001 Digital Remaster
Althea And Donna - Make A Truce - 2001 Digital Remaster
Althea And Donna - Oh Dread - 2001 Digital Remaster
Althea And Donna - Uptown Top Ranking - Remastered
Althea And Donna - The West - 2001 Digital Remaster
Althea And Donna - Jah Music - 2001 Digital Remaster
Althea And Donna - If You Don't Love Jah - 2001 Digital Remaster
Althea And Donna - Sorry - Remastered 2001
Althea And Donna - They Wanna Just - 2001 Digital Remaster


sexta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2020

Dezarie - Fya 2001

Dezarie - Zion
Dezarie - Omega
Dezarie - Don't Cry
Dezarie - Most High
Dezarie - Love Yourself
Dezarie - Flesh and Bone
Dezarie - Fya
Dezarie - All Ova
Dezarie - Walk Wid Me
Dezarie - Rebel
Dezarie - Jah Throne
Dezarie - Mind Yu Own
Dezarie - Sing Out
Dezarie - Iron Sharpen Iron
Dezarie - Fya Dub


Owen Gray - Home Grown Star 2019

Owen Gray - If I Needed Someone
Owen Gray - Three Little Birds
Owen Gray - Jealous Guy
Owen Gray - Ballistic Affair
Owen Gray - Guava Jelly
Owen Gray - One Love
Owen Gray - Tumblin' dice
Owen Gray - Confidential to You
Owen Gray - Fussing and Fighting
Owen Gray - Let's Start All Over
Owen Gray - I Can't Stop Loving You
Owen Gray - Apollo 12
Owen Gray - Give Me a Little Sign Girl
Owen Gray - Running Around
Owen Gray - The Fool on the Hill
Owen Gray - Darling Patricia
Owen Gray - One Love (Dub Version)
Owen Gray - Three Little Birds (Dub Version)


quinta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2020

Harry J Allstars - Liquidator 1969

Harry J Allstars - Jack the Ripper -
Harry J Allstars - The Big Three (Put a Little Love In Your Heart)
Harry J Allstars - My Cherie Amour
Harry J Allstars - Liquidator
Harry J Allstars - Don't Let Me Down
Harry J Allstars - Spyrone
Harry J Allstars - Reach for the Sky (Peace of Mind)
Harry J Allstars - Interrogator
Harry J Allstars - Jay Moonwalk
Harry J Allstars - Elcong
Harry J Allstars - Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus
Harry J Allstars - The Dog


Roy Shirley - Control Them, Vol 1 19XX

Roy Shirley - Control Them
Roy Shirley - Brothers and Sisters
Roy Shirley - Get In the Groove
Roy Shirley - Heart Breaking Gypsy
Roy Shirley - Take These Chains
Roy Shirley - Them a Bubble
Roy Shirley - Reggae Nice Them
Roy Shirley - Dance of Love
Roy Shirley - Love Up The Music
Roy Shirley - Prophesy Fulfilling
Roy Shirley - When You Are Young
Roy Shirley - Endlessly
Roy Shirley - Lorraine
Roy Shirley - Arise Mandela
Roy Shirley - Let Them Go
Roy Shirley - Sweeter Than Sugar
Roy Shirley - Cricket Team
Roy Shirley - Sleeping Beauty
Roy Shirley - When a Man Love a Girl


quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2020

Milton Blake - Temporary Obstacle 2019

Milton Blake - Temporary Obstacle
Pickout All Star Band - Temporary Dub
Milton Blake - Spirituality
Pickout All Star Band - Spirituality Dub
Milton Blake - Trumpet Sound
Pickout All Star Band - Trumpet Dub
Milton Blake - The Signs
Pickout All Star Band - Signs Dub
Milton Blake - Nuclear Age
Pickout All Star Band - Nuclear Dub
Milton Blake - Life No Problem
Pickout All Star Band - Problem Dub


I Kong - Keep Grooving 2019

I Kong, Najavibes - Keep Grooving
Najavibes, Faya Horns - Keep Blowing
I Kong, Androo - Keep Moving - Polyremix
I Kong, Androo - Keep Moving Dub - Polyremix
I Kong, Najavibes - Keep Grooving - Discomix
I Kong, Najavibes - Keep Grooving - Radio Edit


terça-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2020

Lloyd Robinson - Legendary Lloyd Robinson 2015

Lloyd Robinson - Visa
Lloyd Robinson - I Wish
Lloyd Robinson - Memories Heartache
Lloyd Robinson - I Want You in My Life
Lloyd Robinson - Don't Go
Lloyd Robinson - Prayer for the World
Lloyd Robinson - Don't Check
Lloyd Robinson - War Is Not the Answer
Lloyd Robinson - Candy Girl
Lloyd Robinson - Discomatic Reggae
Lloyd Robinson - Love Is a Foundation
Lloyd Robinson - Happiness Is Here Again
Lloyd Robinson - Sexy Lady
Lloyd Robinson - Peace and Love
Lloyd Robinson, Patrick Buddoo - Blood Sucker
Lady Diana Miller - I Wish You Were Here Lloydy
Black Prince - Tribute to Lloydy
Lady Diana Miller - Good Love
Lady Diana Miller - You Make Me Feel so Nice


Ossie Dellimore - Reggae Music 2010

Ossie Dellimore - Reggae Music
Ossie Dellimore - How Come
Ossie Dellimore - Hold On Tight
Ossie Dellimore - Restless Soul
Ossie Dellimore - Caribbean and American
Ossie Dellimore - Old Time Something
Ossie Dellimore - Keep the Faith
Ossie Dellimore - Global Warming
Ossie Dellimore - Scadal Mongerer
Ossie Dellimore - Overstanding
Ossie Dellimore - How Come Dub
Ossie Dellimore - Dub-ah-reggae
Ossie Dellimore - Scandal Dub
Ossie Dellimore - Success Dub


segunda-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2020

The Maytals - From The Roots 1973

The Maytals - Pee Pee Cluck Cluck
The Maytals - Loving Spirit
The Maytals - African Doctor (aka Doctor Lester)
The Maytals - Gold and Silver
The Maytals - Koo Koo
The Maytals - Revival Reggae
The Maytals - Thy Kingdom Come
The Maytals - One Eye Enos
The Maytals - A Time to Love
The Maytals - Nine o'Clock
The Maytals - Know Me Good
The Maytals - Got to Feel It
The Maytals - Feel So Good - Take 1
The Maytals - Give Peace a Chance
The Maytals - Israel
The Maytals - Your Troubles Are Over
The Maytals - Doctor Lester (aka African Doctor) - Alternate Take
The Maytals - Know Me Good - Alternate Take
The Maytals - Feel So Good - Alternate Take
The Maytals - I Alone - Toots Solo
The Maytals - One Eye Enos - 1971 Version
Toots & The Maytals - Funky Funky


Dandy Livingstone - The Vault Is Open 2014

Dandy Livingstone - Telephone Call From The Devil
Dandy Livingstone - Let's Party Together
Dandy Livingstone, Jack Radics - Message to Rudy
Dandy Livingstone - My Yout'
Dandy Livingstone - A Woman's Love
Dandy Livingstone - Talking Bout Ska
Dandy Livingstone, Trevor 'Scatter' Bonnick - Flat On My Face
Dandy Livingstone - I Surrender
Dandy Livingstone - If What We're Doing Is Wrong
Dandy Livingstone - Glamma Mama
Dandy Livingstone - I Wanna Touch You Baby
Dandy Livingstone - Ska Luv Rock
Dandy Livingstone, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, David Madden - Eljoyro Ska Instrumental
Dandy Livingstone, Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, David Madden - Keep It Locked Instrumental


sábado, 11 de janeiro de 2020

V.A Reggae Chartbusters vol 5 2009

Susan Cadogan - Hurt so Good
The In Crowd - Back a Yard - Edit
John Holt - You Will Never Find Another Love Like Mine
Rupie Edwards - Ire Feelings (Skanga)
Owen Gray - (Hear) The Children a Cry
Johnny Clarke - None Shall Escape the Judgement
Winston Groovy - Please Don't Make Me Cry
The In Crowd - His Majesty Is Coming
Jacob Miller, Inner Circle - Tenement Yard
Tito Simon - This Monday Morning Feeling
Tinga Stewart - Play De Music
Errol Dunkley - Sit Down and Cry Over You
Gregory Isaacs - Love Is Overdue
Yvonne Sterling - If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
Pluto Shervington - Ram Goat Liver
Marie Pierre - Walk Away
Louisa Mark - Keep It Like It Is
The Equators - Feel Like Makin' Love
The Fab 5 Inc. - Shaving Cream
The In Crowd - We Play Reggae


V.A Reggae Chartbusters vol 6 2009

Errol Dunkley - OK Fred
Ken Boothe - Everything I Own - 7 Mix
John Holt - Help Me Make It Through the Night
Alton Ellis - I Am Still In Love with You
Junior Byles - Curly Locks
Dennis Brown - Wolves and Leopards
Gregory Isaacs - Mr. Cop
The Hot Shots - Snoopy vs. The Red Baron
Honey Boy - Sweet Cherrie
Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana - Stereo
Lloyd Charmers - R.O.C.K. (aka Rockers)
Derrick Harriott - Eighteen with a Bullet
Delroy Wilson - I'm Still Waiting
Lloyd Parks - Mafia
Janet Kay - Lovin' You
Ken Boothe - Crying Over You
John Holt - You Baby
Rupie Edwards - Ire Feelings (Leggo Skanga)
Nicky Thomas - What Love Is
Judge Dread - Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus


sexta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2020

Leroy Smart - On Top 1981

Leroy Smart - Reggae is Jam Music
Leroy Smart - More Then a Million
Leroy Smart - This World
Leroy Smart - The Little That I Have
Leroy Smart - Stop Criticising
Leroy Smart - She Love It in the Morning
Leroy Smart - Love Jam
Leroy Smart - Best Friend of Mine
Leroy Smart - Love Me Tonight


Carl Dawkins - Hard Times 2013

Carl Dawkins - Hard Times
Carl Dawkins - Mother's Child
Carl Dawkins - Living for the City
Carl Dawkins - Life Table
Carl Dawkins - Eternal Love
Carl Dawkins - Baby I Love You
Carl Dawkins - Feel Good
Carl Dawkins - Cry Me a River
Carl Dawkins - Love You Tonight
Carl Dawkins - Granulated Sugar
Carl Dawkins - Witness
Carl Dawkins - Gregory Croons a Tune
Carl Dawkins - Lonely Teardrops
Carl Dawkins - Sing a D Brown
Carl Dawkins - Ethiopia Unconquerable Land


quinta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2020

Barrington Levy - Reggae Anthology (1979-1984) 2012

Barrington Levy - Collie Weed
Barrington Levy - Bounty Hunter
Barrington Levy - Walk 2000 Miles
Barrington Levy - Don't Fuss Nor Fight
Barrington Levy - Shine Eye Gal
Barrington Levy - Shaolin Temple
Barrington Levy - Trod With Jah Jah
Barrington Levy - Looking My Love
Barrington Levy - Moonlight Lover
Barrington Levy - Skylarking
Barrington Levy - Wedding Ring
Barrington Levy - Sister Carol
Barrington Levy - Mary Long Tongue
Barrington Levy - Stray Away Girl
Barrington Levy - Look Youthman
Barrington Levy - Crucifixion
Barrington Levy - The Letter Song
Barrington Levy - Black Hen Chicken
Barrington Levy, Jah Thomas - Tribute To Moa Anbessa
Barrington Levy - My Woman
Barrington Levy - 21 Girls Salute
Barrington Levy - Hammer
Barrington Levy - Warm And Sunny
Barrington Levy - The Winner
Barrington Levy - Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of
Barrington Levy - She Rob & Gorn
Barrington Levy - Poor Man Style
Barrington Levy - Tomorrow Is Another Day
Barrington Levy - Soldier
Barrington Levy - Dances Are Changes
Barrington Levy - Praise His Name
Barrington Levy - Prison Oval Rock
Barrington Levy - Black Roses
Barrington Levy - Pon Your Toe
Barrington Levy - Money Move
Barrington Levy - Mini Bus
Barrington Levy - Under Me Sensi


V.A Reggae Anthology 2009

The Techniques - You Don't Care
The Sensations - Born To Love You
The Shades - Who You Gonna Run To
Johnny Osbourne - Come Back Darling
Dave & Ansell Collins - Double Barrel
Alton Ellis - I'll Be Waiting
Carl Dawkins - Satisfaction
Johnny Osbourne - Ready Or Not
The Interns - Nothing Is Impossible
Jackie Paris & Ranking Trevor - Run For Your Life
The Techniques - Love Is Not A Gamble
Pat Kelly - Love O Love
Dennis Brown - Let Me Remind You
Carlton Livingston & Lone Ranger - You Make Your Mistake
Madoo & General Echo - Sister Sue
Sister Nancy - One Two
General Echo - Arleen
Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
Super Beagle - Dust A Sound Boy
Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm
Little Kirk - Kill A Sound
Courtney Melody - Bad Boy
Admiral Tibet - Terrorist
Admiral Tibet - Leave People Business
Yami Bolo - Jah Made Them All
Red Dragon - Hol' A Fresh
Red Dragon - Yu Body Good
Frankie Paul & Buju Banton - Bring Yu Body Come
Anthony Malvo & Tiger - Come Back To Me
Papa San, Lady G - Legal Rights
Red Dragon - Agony
Buju Banton - Stamina Daddy
Professor Nuts - Crazy Glue
Gregory Isaacs & Tiger - Hic Up
Sanchez - Loneliness
Conroy Smith - Uptown Girl


quarta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2020

More Relation ‎- More Relation 1979 (Disc Extended Mix)

More Relation - Freedom
More Relation - Loving You
More Relation - Jahoviah's Kingdom
More Relation - Solve Them
More Relation - Things and Time
More Relation - Braves
More Relation - Cartoon Actor
More Relation - Dont Be Angry
More Relation - Fascinating Yourself
More Relation - Hard Times
More Relation - Jahoviah's Kingdom (Disco Mix)
More Relation - Solve Them (Disco Mix)
More Relation - Freedom (Disco Mix)
More Relation - Loving You (Disco Mix)


Linval Thompson - Anthology 1976

Linval Thompson - Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
Linval Thompson, The Aggrovators - I'm Not a King - Version
Linval Thompson - Jah Jah Is the Conqueror
Linval Thompson - Cool Down Your Temper
Linval Thompson - Long, Long Dread Locks
Linval Thompson - No Escape (Jah Jah Whip Them)
Linval Thompson - Natty Dread Girl
Linval Thompson, The Aggrovators - Natty Dread Girl - Dub Version
Linval Thompson - Money, Money
Linval Thompson - Ride On (Natty Dreadlocks)
Linval Thompson - Don't Trouble Trouble
Linval Thompson - If I Follow My Heart
Linval Thompson - Thompson Sound Incorporated
Linval Thompson - Danger In Your Eyes
Linval Thompson - Danger Rockers
Linval Thompson - Stay a Little Bit Longer
Linval Thompson - Jumping for Joy
Linval Thompson - Skilful Man
Linval Thompson - Lion and Tiger
Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries - Seventy Nine Rock
Linval Thompson - Big Oppressor
Linval Thompson - Don't Try to Lose Me - a.k.a. You'll Lose a Good Thing
Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries - African Free Up
Linval Thompson - Love Is the Question
Linval Thompson - Africa Is for Blackman
Linval Thompson - I Love Jah
Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries - Wicked - Dub Version
Linval Thompson - I Can't Stand the Pressure
Linval Thompson - You Must Feel it
Linval Thompson - My Woman Is Gone
Linval Thompson - Never Push Your Brother - a.k.a. Don't Push Your Brother
Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries - Roots Man Dub
Linval Thompson - Dread Are the Controller
Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana - Edit
Linval Thompson - Jamaican Colley - Version
Linval Thompson - Children of the Ghetto
Linval Thompson - Begging for an Apology
Linval Thompson - Not Follow Fashion (A.k.A. No Follow Fashion)
Linval Thompson - Roots Lady
Linval Thompson - Jah Jah Dreader Than Dread
Linval Thompson - Africa Love Dub
Linval Thompson - Jah Loves Us All
Linval Thompson - Here With Me
Linval Thompson - Pop No Style
Linval Thompson - Baby Mother (A.k.A. Have Caution)
Linval Thompson - Look How Me Sexy
Linval Thompson - Hold On


terça-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2020

More Relation - Reggae 1997

More Relation - Reggae Shakeup Party
More Relation - Jailhouse
More Relation - Crazy Beat
More Relation - Right On Time
More Relation - Chicken Stew
More Relation - Shine Her Eyes On Me
More Relation - Eyewater
More Relation - Can't Wait for Love
More Relation - Rectify My Love
More Relation - All Night Long
More Relation - Rather Than Walk Away
More Relation - Can't Stop Thinking of You


segunda-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2020

Keys of Creation - Born To Win 2009

Keys Of Creation - Youth On Di Rise
Keys Of Creation - Born To Win
Keys Of Creation - One For I
Keys Of Creation - Livin In Paradise
Keys Of Creation - Agaga Lelei
Keys Of Creation - Clean Way
Keys Of Creation - Mek It Easiah
Keys Of Creation - Haile Chant
Keys Of Creation - Truth Wit Idren
Keys Of Creation - Heart Of Polynesia
Keys Of Creation - Jah Mek A Way
Keys Of Creation - Heart Of Luv
Keys Of Creation - Come Along


domingo, 5 de janeiro de 2020

V.A 80's go Reggae 2010

Daynea Deacon - Holding Back the Year
Kharuso - Wonderful Life
Uni'Verss - The Power of Love
Daynea Deacon - You're the Best Thing
Stanryck, Uni'Verss - Nothing Compares 2 U
Empress Latoyah - Careless Whisper
Beezy Coleman - Drive
Uni'Verss - Twist in My Sobriety
Empress Latoyah - Your Love Is King
Stanryck - Don't Dream It's Over
Daynea Deacon - Time After Time
Kharuso - Sexual Healing
Uni'Verss - Such A Shame
Stanryck - Easy


sábado, 4 de janeiro de 2020

Toots & The Maytals - Pass The Pipe 1979

Toots & The Maytals - Famine
Toots & The Maytals - Inside Outside
Toots & The Maytals - Feel Free
Toots & The Maytals - Get Up Stand Up
Toots & The Maytals - No Difference Here
Toots & The Maytals - Rhythm Down Low
Toots & The Maytals - My Love Is So Strong
Toots & The Maytals - Take It From Me (No Money, No Love)


sexta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2020

V.A Reggae Hits Vol 2 2010

Ras Kimono - Natty Get Jail
Orits Williki - ten Commandments
Peterside Ottong - Where Are The Prophets
Evi-Edna Ogholi - One Kilometer
Endee Ikeji - Revolutionalize The Nation
Endee Ikeji - Stand Up Right
Ras Kimono - Kimono De Want
Mandators - Apartheid
Blackky - Bang Belly
Orits Williki - Conqueror
Orits Williki - Judgement A Come
Blackky - Blackky Skank
Evi-Edna Ogholi - Obaro


quinta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2020

Serges Kassy - Résurrection 2019

Serges Kassy - Sauvez L'Afrique
Serges Kassy - Jesus
Serges Kassy - H P Laims
Serges Kassy - Etats Unis D'Afrique
Serges Kassy - Kpakpatos
Serges Kassy - I'M Proud
Serges Kassy - Payez Vos Impôts
Serges Kassy - Sorciers
Serges Kassy - Man Dis Moi
Serges Kassy - Tous Ensemble Positifs
Serges Kassy - Wath's The Matter
Serges Kassy - Cabri Mort
Serges Kassy - John Bri


terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2019

Cedric Im Brooks & The Light Of Saba 2003

Lambs Bread Collie
Free Up Black Man
Salt Lane Rock
Nobody's Business
Rasta Lead On Version
Satta Massa Gana
Sly Mongoose
Words Of Wisdom
Jah Light It Right
Ethiopia Tikdem
Song For My Father
Collie Version


segunda-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2019

Jerry Johnson - East of The City 1998

Jerry Johnson - Jumbo Rock
Jerry Johnson - Big Yard Blues
Jerry Johnson - East Of The City
Jerry Johnson - Head Shot
Jerry Johnson - Lovers Serenade
Jerry Johnson - Second Row
Jerry Johnson - Care Giver
Jerry Johnson - Forever Gold
Jerry Johnson - Town Life
Jerry Johnson - Heart Doner
Jerry Johnson - Love Happy


sábado, 28 de dezembro de 2019

V.A Peckings Roots Vol 1 2018

Tony Sexton - Coming Home
Empress Ayeola - Rise & Shine
Ranking Joe - Last Call
Matrix - The God Father
Jah Mega - Conquering Lion of Judah
Lady Lex - Colour of the Rainbow
Nereus Joseph - Getting Out a Trouble
Ras Sherby - Seven Spanish Angels
Gappy Ranks - Tribute to Robert Nesta Marley
Jah Mega - Want to Be Free
Lioness Fonts - Father Glory
Ras Pablo - Kenyatta Ras Pablo
King Dilly - Kenyatta Dub


sexta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2019

Cocoa Tea - Can't Live So 2005

Cocoa Tea - Burn It Down
Cocoa Tea - Sophisticated Lady
Cocoa Tea - Can't Live So
Cocoa Tea - May The Best Man Win
Cocoa Tea - She Is So Faithful
Cocoa Tea - The Mood Is Right
Cocoa Tea - Body Language
Cocoa Tea - Love You To Death
Cocoa Tea - All Night Long
Cocoa Tea - Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher
Cocoa Tea - Black Magic Woman
Cocoa Tea - Give A Little Love


quinta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2019

UB40 - Present Arms 1981

UB40 - Present Arms
UB40 - Sardonicus
UB40 - Don't Let It Pass You By
UB40 - Wild Cat
UB40 - One In Ten
UB40 - Don't Slow Down
UB40 - Silent Witness
UB40 - Lamb's Bread
UB40 - Don't Walk On The Grass
UB40 - Dr. X


terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2019

Gregory Isaacs - The Table is Going to Turn 2004

Gregory Isaacs - The Table is Going to Turn
Gregory Isaacs - Don't Bother Push Your Luck
Gregory Isaacs - Far So Long
Gregory Isaacs - We Had a Quarrel
Gregory Isaacs - She Wanna Set Me Free
Gregory Isaacs - By Chance
Gregory Isaacs - Crazy Glue
Gregory Isaacs - Who Is Going to Pay
Gregory Isaacs - Enough Is Enough
Gregory Isaacs - Speak Your Mind
Gregory Isaacs - True Love
Gregory Isaacs - Going to a Party
Gregory Isaacs - Be True to Me
Gregory Isaacs - Just Have a Talk
Gregory Isaacs - Me You Looking For
Gregory Isaacs - Through the Ball Door
Gregory Isaacs - Explanation
Gregory Isaacs - Land of Paradise
Gregory Isaacs - Lovers Magic
Gregory Isaacs - Christmas Time


segunda-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2019

Dave and Ansel Collins - Double Barrel 1971

Dave Barker, Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
Dave Collins, Ansel Collins - Wild Bunch
Dave Barker, The Techniques All Stars - Elfrego Bacca
Dave, Ansell Collins - Monkey Spanner
Dave Barker - My Best Girl
Ansel Collins - Secret Weapon
Dave Collins, Ansel Collins - I the Third (aka Karate)
Dave Barker - That Girl (aka Groovy Situation)
Dave Collins, Ansel Collins - Impossible Mission
Dave Collins, Ansel Collins - Ten to One
Dave Barker, The Techniques All Stars - I Count the Days (aka Lonely Man)
Dave Collins, Ansel Collins - Two Four One


sábado, 21 de dezembro de 2019

Norris Man - Much More To Life 2013

Norris Man - SKIT INTRO
Norris Man - MURDERER
Norris Man - SKIT LIFE
Norris Man - WARNING
Norris Man - SKIT RASTA
Norris Man - OH JAH
Norris Man - THE SOUL
Norris Man - TRYING MAN
Norris Man - SO MUCH
Norris Man - ALL DAY LONG
Norris Man - DREAMING
Norris Man - SKIT END
Norris Man - OVASTAND


sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2019

V.A Reggae Covers Vol 2 2015

Anthony Steele - Chains
Lady Genius - No One
Mellow Groove Band - Thinking out Load
Kappo - I'm Not the Only One
Bobby Edwards - Never, Never, Never
Poppa Ellis - Said I Loved You but I Lied
Ricardo Suave - I Who Have Nothing
Marlon Clarke - She Believes in Me


quinta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2019

Jimmy Mack - Unconditionally 2000

Jimmy Mack - Unconditionally
Jimmy Mack - Not Easy to Forget
Jimmy Mack - Why
Jimmy Mack - Happy Day
Jimmy Mack - Not Looking
Jimmy Mack - Love I Can Feel
Jimmy Mack - Wanna Wake Up with You
Jimmy Mack - Live Good
Jimmy Mack - I'm Not a King
Jimmy Mack - My Only Lover
Jimmy Mack - Show Us the Way
Jimmy Mack - Melt Down


quarta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2019

The Maytals - Monkey Man 1969

The Maytals - Peeping Tom
The Maytals - Revival Reggae
The Maytals - Give Peace a Chance
The Maytals - Gold and Silver
The Maytals - The Preacher
The Maytals - Bla Bla Bla
The Maytals - African Doctor (aka Doctor Lester)
The Maytals - Sun Moon and Star
The Maytals - She's My Scorcher
The Maytals - Monkey Man
The Maytals - Pressure Drop
The Maytals - I Shall Be Free


terça-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2019

V.A Studio One Groups 2006

Wailing Souls - Mr Fire Coal Man
The Righteous Flames - Solid Foundation
The Gaylads - Give a Helping Hand
The Bassies - Things a Come Up to Bump
The Mad Lads - You Will Never Know
The Clarendonians - You Can't Be Happy
The Consummates - What Is It
Carlton and the Shoes - Happy Land
The Viceroys - The Struggle
The Maytals - I'll Never Grow Old
The Heptones - Get in the Groove
Royals - Pick Up the Pieces
The Gladiators - Jah Jah Go Before Us
Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Wailers - Love and Affection
The Stingers - Down Presser International
The Cables - Baby Why
The Ethiopians - Owe Me No Pay
The Purpleites - The Pressure Is On
The Silvertones - Cheating and Lying


segunda-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2019

Barry Brown - Real Love 2013

Barry Brown - Real Love
Barry Brown - Check Yourself
Barry Brown - Im Not So Lucky
Barry Brown - Next Door Girl
Barry Brown - Lonely Man
Barry Brown - Dont Let Problems Get You Down
Barry Brown - When You Love a Girl
Barry Brown - Give a Helping Hand
Barry Brown - Moving on
Barry Brown - Things Time
Barry Brown - I Want to Get Closer
Barry Brown - Love & Protection


sábado, 14 de dezembro de 2019

John Clarke - Rootsy Reggae 1978

John Clarke - Big Leg Mary
John Clarke - You're Just the One
John Clarke - John Brown
John Clarke - Boss I
John Clarke - Creator
John Clarke - Recession
John Clarke - Polution
John Clarke - Wasn't It You
John Clarke - You Like to Borrow
John Clarke - Babylon Spanking
John Clarke - Abortion
John Clarke - Bum Bang Festival


sexta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2019

V.A Cultural Consciouness 1999

Morgan Heritage - Crying Out
Terror Fabulous & Red Rose - Life
Fred Locks - Want You In My Life
Mikey General - Miss Hottie Hottie
Triston Palma - See Dem Ah Come
Simpleton - Jah Save I & I
Sizzla - Woman Of Africa
Determine - Man A African
Tyrical - Clean Up Your Temple
Lukie D - Good Ole Days
Mykal Rose - War Fi Dun
Mikey General - Red Hot
Gregory Isaacs - Spend The Night
Determine - Free Up The Youth


quinta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2019

Hepcat - Right On Time 1997

Hepcat - Right On Time
Hepcat - I Can't Wait
Hepcat - Goodbye Street
Hepcat - The Secret
Hepcat - Pharoah's Dreams
Hepcat - No Worries
Hepcat - Mama Used To Say
Hepcat - Rudies All Around
Hepcat - Tommy's Song
Hepcat - Nigel
Hepcat - Together Someday
Hepcat - Baby Blues
Hepcat - Open Season ....Is Closed


terça-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2019

Paul Elliott - Rooted Stronger

Paul Elliott - Smiling Face
Paul Elliott - Tonight is Right
Paul Elliott - My Heart is Gone (Dub Mix)
Paul Elliott - Tonight
Paul Elliott, Dennis Brown - I Can Do It
Paul Elliott - Self Destruct
Paul Elliott - Time of the Vipers
Paul Elliott, Admiral Tibett - Who Seh Reggae Dead
Paul Elliott - Seeds of Righteousness
Paul Elliott, Makki Contus - What's the Agenda
Paul Elliott - Deceiving the People
Paul Elliott - Rock Stone
Paul Elliott - In the Streets of the Ghetto
Paul Elliott - Love Should Be Real
Paul Elliott - True Confession
Paul Elliott - Beholder's Beauty (Remix)


segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2019

V.A Super Roots Reggae 1998

Slave - Usizi
Lucky Dube - It's Not Easy
Gregory Isaacs - Miserable Woman
Wailing Souls - She Pleases Me
Barington Levi - She Is Mine
Jacob Miller - I'm a Rasta Man
Burning Spear - Not Stupid
Rubbie Duno - M.Grove
Dennis Brown - Natural Mistic
Byron Lee - Miss Wire Waist
Gregory Isaacs - Day 'O'
Meditation - Woman Piaba
Burning Spear - African Teacher
Raimonds - Peace and Love in the World
Dennis Brown - Green Apples


sexta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2019

Junia Walker - Get Your Mind Right 2005

Junia Walker AllStars, Junia Walker - So in Love
Junia Walker AllStars, John Steele - Yumamushasha
Junia Walker AllStars, Junia Walker, M.C Lace - Lovey Dovey
Junia Walker AllStars, Marsha - Have You Ever Loved
Junia Walker AllStars, Jah Brimstone - The African Continent
Junia Walker AllStars, Junia Walker - If You
Junia Walker AllStars, Bugzi Legend - Nuff Wicked Man
Junia Walker AllStars, Devon Russell - Why Did You
Junia Walker AllStars, John Steele - Dance Afire
Junia Walker AllStars, Junia Walker - When I First
Junia Walker AllStars, Frankie Paul - Holding On
Junia Walker AllStars, Bugzi Legend - Get Your Mind Right
Junia Walker AllStars, Frankie Paul - Ites, Gold & Green
Junia Walker AllStars, Junia Walker - Wha' Come Outa De I


V.A Rggaes Cool Operator 2010

John Holt - Kiss And Say Goodbye
Freddie McGregor - Zion Chant
Ken Booth - Ain't No Love
Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
Cornell Campbell - Wherever I Lay My Hat
Ken Booth - It's Gonna Take A Miracle
Dennis Brown - Blood Sun
Max Romeo - Rasta Band Wagon
Delroy Wilson - Cool Operator
Dennis Brown - Too Much Information
Horace Andy - Something On My Mind
John Holt - It's Raining All Over The World
Horace Andy - Repatriation
Dennis Brown - Conqueror
Junia Walker AllStars, John Steele - More Seller Than Buyer


quinta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2019

V.A Penthouse Showcase Vol 3 2009

Bunny Rugs - It's You
Marcia Griffiths - Love Is Automatic
Da'ville - Tonight Is Yours
Peetah Morgan - Bye Bye
Torch - Treat Her Like A Lady
Red Foxx - My Baby
Richie Spice - Jah Never Let Us Down
Spanner Banner - Rolling Stone
Snatcha - Love Boat
Conkarah - Rude Bwoy Love
Marcia Griffiths & Busy Signal - Keeping It Real
Romain Virgo - Love Doctor
Mojo - River Nile
Penthouse All-Stars - Automatic Riddim


Border Roots - Barrio Reggae 2009

Border Roots - Just Be Thankful
Border Roots - Cut Them Down
Border Roots - Crooked Cop
Border Roots - Por Favor
Border Roots - Strictly Man
Border Roots - Our God
Border Roots - Just Be Thankful (Rap Version)



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