24 de outubro de 2020

H. Gee (bobby Davis) - After Midnight 198X

Those Guys
All In The Game
Born To Love You
Oh Girl
Every Days A Holiday
Written By – T. Brown
Lonely Lover
Whats It All About


Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Good People 2002

Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Good People
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - With You Jah
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - If Ah Nuh Jah
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Jah Is I Light
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - The Love Of Jah
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Suddenly
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Rub A Dub Dance
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - If A Loving You Want
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Coming At You
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Long Time I No Smoke
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Herb A Number 1
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - My Sound
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Heavenly Father
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - I Light Dub
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Dub You Want
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Good Dub
Bush Chemists Meets Singer Blue - Dub Coming

Bush Chemists - Strictly Dubwise 1994

Bush Chemists - dub to selaisse
Bush Chemists - jah kingdom dub
Bush Chemists - science
Bush Chemists - shanti rock
Bush Chemists - tribal dub
Bush Chemists - drugs is a ting
Bush Chemists - some people dub
Bush Chemists - northern lights
Bush Chemists - tomb of soloman
Bush Chemists - healing dub
Bush Chemists - sub dub
Bush Chemists - bongo man dub
Bush Chemists - maniac dub
Bush Chemists - firehouse dub
Bush Chemists - purple skunk dub

Bush Chemists - In Dub Light Up Your Chalice 1999

Bush Chemists - respect dubwise
Bush Chemists - on the run
Bush Chemists - stand up dub
Bush Chemists - chemist in daylight robbery
Bush Chemists - dub up nations
Bush Chemists - borderline
Bush Chemists - haste make waste dub
Bush Chemists - dubbing places
Bush Chemists - live up
Bush Chemists - don't forget selassie
Bush Chemists - evil doer retire
Bush Chemists - positive movement
Bush Chemists - dub secret
Bush Chemists - enigma dub

Burning Spear - Living Dub v.4 1999

Burning Spear - dub it clean
Burning Spear - dub appointment
Burning Spear - first time dub
Burning Spear - physician dub
Burning Spear - jah dub
Burning Spear - dub smart
Burning Spear - peaceful dub
Burning Spear - dub african
Burning Spear - my island dub
Burning Spear - music dub
Burning Spear - loving dub
Burning Spear - bonus tk

23 de outubro de 2020

Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Reggae Round The World 1973

Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - breakfast in bed
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - cotton jenny
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - three bells
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - howdy tonky
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - popco n
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - smoke gets in your eyes
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - black on
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - city of new orleans
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - in the mood
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - your love is amazing
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - back stabbers
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - spanish lace

Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - Dub Convention 1996

Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - fire trap
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - dub out east
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - chemist special
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - stoned to the bone
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - four wise men
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - dub files
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - the water margin
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - fact not fiction
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - banks of the nile
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - dub a long
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - heavenly
Bush Chemists Meets The Dub Organiser - mystical force

Ras I - Chant RastafarI 2000

Ras I - iexploitation
Ras I - idub
Ras I - itell me more
Ras I - iversion
Ras I - ibad boys
Ras I - ibad dub
Ras I - icease fire
Ras I - ifire dub
Ras I - ijah please help me
Ras I - idub
Ras I - ivictim of circumstances
Ras I - imusical dub

Kenny Knots - Gi'me De Music 2003

Kenny Knots - Afica
Kenny Knots - Africa Dub
Kenny Knots - Going Home
Kenny Knots - Going Home Dub
Kenny Knots - Gi´me De Music
Kenny Knots - Gi´me De Dub
Kenny Knots - Zion
Kenny Knots - Zion Dub
Kenny Knots - Take A Look
Kenny Knots - Looking Dub
Kenny Knots - My God Is Real
Kenny Knots - Real Dub
Kenny Knots - Free The Frustration
Kenny Knots - Dub Frustration
Kenny Knots - Stand Up
Kenny Knots - Stand Dub
Kenny Knots - Good Sensimellia

22 de outubro de 2020

Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Can't Cool 2003

Burnt Friedman - fuck backsb
Burnt Friedman - fly yor kitesb
Burnt Friedman - paternostersb
Burnt Friedman - dublab alertsb
Burnt Friedman - life is worth dying forsb
Burnt Friedman - get things straitsb
Burnt Friedman - real absttionsb
Burnt Friedman - someday my blues will cover the earthsb
Burnt Friedman - designer groovesb
Burnt Friedman - get things strait dubsb
Burnt Friedman - five star group travelsb
Burnt Friedman - consider a bigger walletsb

Burning Babylon - Garden of Dub 2006

Burning Babylon - dub tropic
Burning Babylon - into twilight
Burning Babylon - creationi
Burning Babylon - fire in the east
Burning Babylon - dirt weed
Burning Babylon - beneath the valley
Burning Babylon - sativa
Burning Babylon - dance a 
Burning Babylon - rootical iration
Burning Babylon - hammer irons
Burning Babylon - dub positive
Burning Babylon - ashes of babylon
Burning Babylon - mash up the dub
Burning Babylon - earth and stone

Burning Babylon - Beat Beat Beat 2008

Burning Babylon - sproingadub
Burning Babylon - below the bline
Burning Babylon - yuh afi give fi get
Burning Babylon - wires to riot
Burning Babylon - djungle
Burning Babylon - thumpy skunkz
Burning Babylon - manuka skank
Burning Babylon - basho and the tiger
Burning Babylon - bone riddim
Burning Babylon - west end 12
Burning Babylon - system a vampire
Burning Babylon - rewind deluxeh

Bunny Wailer - Dubd'sco Vol 2 1981

Bunny Wailer - Dancing ShoeDub
Bunny Wailer - Mellow Mood
Bunny Wailer - Keep On Moving
Bunny Wailer - Hypocrite
Bunny Wailer - Worly Girly
Bunny Wailer - Burial
Bunny Wailer - I Stand Predominate
Bunny Wailer - Walk The Proud Land
Bunny Wailer - Rule This Land
Bunny Wailer - Toughest

21 de outubro de 2020

Carl Campbell - Zion Dub 197x

Carl Campbell - Rootsman Clap Dub
Carl Campbell - Dub For Joy
Carl Campbell - Dub Cat's Jump & Move Ya
Carl Campbell - Top Notch Dub
Carl Campbell - Dub It Everywhere
Carl Campbell - Zion Dub
Carl Campbell - Higher Ranking Dub
Carl Campbell - A Murderous Dub

Capital Letters - Wolverhampton In Dub 2015

Capital Letters - jah music (dub)
Capital Letters - wolf (dub)
Capital Letters - roots music (dub)
Capital Letters - opportunity (dub)
Capital Letters - wolverhampton (dub)
Capital Letters - dat nah stop (dub)
Capital Letters - thanks and praise (dub)
Capital Letters - try try try (dub)
Capital Letters - tell me whats wrong (dub)
Capital Letters - movie star (dub)
Capital Letters - pumping (dub)
Capital Letters - jamaica (dub)
Capital Letters - false natty (dub)
Capital Letters - a place on earth (dub)
Capital Letters - jamaica (alt dubwise)
Capital Letters - false natty (alt dubwise)
Capital Letters - wolverhampton (stripped down oldwah)

Bush Chemists - Dub Fire Blazing 2001

Bush Chemists - this sound
Bush Chemists - fire blazing
Bush Chemists - king davids house
Bush Chemists - back against the wall
Bush Chemists - fight to the top
Bush Chemists - marijuna defenders
Bush Chemists - long time i no smoke
Bush Chemists - erb warrior
Bush Chemists - what about the dub
Bush Chemists - blowing for his majesty
Bush Chemists - watching dub
Bush Chemists - eastern style
Bush Chemists - bass gone crazy
Bush Chemists - stand for the right

Burning Spear - Living Dub v.1 & 2 1979

Burning Spear - children of today
Burning Spear - present
Burning Spear - associate
Burning Spear - jah boto
Burning Spear - in those days
Burning Spear - run come dub
Burning Spear - help us
Burning Spear - musiya
Burning Spear - all over
Burning Spear - hill street
Burning Spear - cry africa cry blood africans
Burning Spear - telegram in dub african postman
Burning Spear - teacher african teacher
Burning Spear - offensive dub jah a guh raid
Burning Spear - majestic dub hail h.i.m
Burning Spear - pirates dub  columbus
Burning Spear - foggy foggy road
Burning Spear - marcus dub follow marcus garvey
Burning Spear - world dub bad to worst
Burning Spear - over all dub civilised reggae

20 de outubro de 2020

Candy Mckenzie - Lee Scratch Perry Presents 2012

Candy Mckenzie - disco fits
Candy Mckenzie - someone to love me
Candy Mckenzie - breakfast in bed
Candy Mckenzie - walking in the sun
Candy Mckenzie - jah knows
Candy Mckenzie - ice cream
Candy Mckenzie - sky at night
Candy Mckenzie - keep  strong
Candy Mckenzie - tell me a lie
Candy Mckenzie - when the big day

Calcutta - Easy Loving 1986

Calcutta - Easy Loving
Calcutta - Katmandu
Calcutta - Mesopotamia
Calcutta - Be Together
Calcutta - Starvation
Calcutta - Rani
Calcutta - CocoNut
Calcutta - Gspot

Calamalka - Shredder's Dub 2004

Calamalka - Hear the Most
Calamalka - Tabla Purists
Calamalka - Chassi
Calamalka - Auterzonik
Calamalka - Lighting Rigg
Calamalka - Ackee
Calamalka - Bumpea
Calamalka - Reliable I
Calamalka - Ol' Ghost
Calamalka - Gamblor
Calamalka - Lumins
Calamalka - Electric Blue

Bunny Wailer - Protest 1977

Bunny Wailer - Moses Children
Bunny Wailer - Get Up Stand Up
Bunny Wailer - Scheme Of Things INC
Bunny Wailer - Quit Trying
Bunny Wailer - Follow Fashion Monkey
Bunny Wailer - Wanted Children
Bunny Wailer - Who Feels It
Bunny Wailer - Johnny Too Bad

19 de outubro de 2020

Carrier - The Beginning 1983

Carrier - Beat Down The Walls
Carrier - Want A Revolution
Carrier - Making War
Carrier - (Interlude+) Tricks
Carrier - Automatic Reggae
Carrier - (Interlude+) Make Haste
Carrier - Baby Please
Carrier - Positive Vibration

Carlton Livingston - Trodding Through The Jungle 1983

Carlton Livingston - Confusion
Carlton Livingston - Leave It Behind
Carlton Livingston - Lonely Man
Carlton Livingston - Trodding Through The Jungle
Carlton Livingston - Walk With Love
Carlton Livingston - Don't Follow Rumours
Carlton Livingston - Marie
Carlton Livingston - Don't You Remember
Carlton Livingston - Feel Like Dancing
Carlton Livingston - Baby Girl

Carlene Davis - Dripping Blood 2015

Carlene Davis - anthemda
Carlene Davis - nobody greaterb
Carlene Davis - divine authorityd
Carlene Davis - dripping blood
Carlene Davis - been through enough
Carlene Davis - i love to love you lord (feat jabez)
Carlene Davis - king of kings
Carlene Davis - jubilee (feat papa san)
Carlene Davis - king of gloryc
Carlene Davis - live for you
Carlene Davis - only your glory
Carlene Davis - my rock my songd
Carlene Davis - thank you_mr mandela
Carlene Davis - whom shall i fear
Carlene Davis - 10000 reasonsf
Carlene Davis - all about you (feat naomi cowan)
Carlene Davis - dripping blood (feat fran fletcher)

The Cables - What Kind of World 2004

The Cables - baby why (extended)
The Cables - be a man
The Cables - what am i to do
The Cables - got to find someone
The Cables - no new love
The Cables - what kind of world (extended)
The Cables - my broken heart
The Cables - cheer up
The Cables - let them talk
The Cables - love is a pleasure

17 de outubro de 2020

Cedric Congo Myton - Inna the 2005

Cedric Congo Myton - romeo and juliet
Cedric Congo Myton - congo ashanti
Cedric Congo Myton - children crying
Cedric Congo Myton - form a gang
Cedric Congo Myton - open up the gates of zion
Cedric Congo Myton - yoyo
Cedric Congo Myton - wisdom (ft. musical foul)
Cedric Congo Myton - forever young
Cedric Congo Myton - clock mouth

Carroll Thompson - Carroll Thompson 1982

Carroll Thompson - World Of Love
Carroll Thompson - A Happy Song
Carroll Thompson - Change
Carroll Thompson - Stay With Me Tonight
Carroll Thompson - Music (It Will Never Die)
Carroll Thompson - Just A Little Bit
Carroll Thompson - Hoping On Love
Carroll Thompson - Dreams Of You
Carroll Thompson - Your Love

Carlene Davis - Reggae Songbird 1988

Carlene Davis - Brown Eyes Blue
Carlene Davis - Come To Me Softly
Carlene Davis - You Are The One I Need
Carlene Davis - When I Call Your Name
Carlene Davis - I Remember
Carlene Davis - Strange Things
Carlene Davis - Money Can't Buy Life
Carlene Davis - Don't Stay Awa

Carl Dobson - Riding High 198x

Carl Dobson - It's You I Really Love
Carl Dobson - Jump For Joy
Carl Dobson - Sweet Heart
Carl Dobson - Take It Easy
Carl Dobson - She Take A Set
Carl Dobson - Mother Martha
Carl Dobson - Soul Shake Down
Carl Dobson - Whoping Ma Ma
Carl Dobson - So In Love

16 de outubro de 2020

Centry in Dub - Thunder Mountain 2000

Centry in Dub - Thunder Mountain
Centry in Dub - Centry's Revenge
Centry in Dub - Zion Graden
Centry in Dub - Tribute to Lee Perry
Centry in Dub - Long, Long Dub
Centry in Dub - Old King Dub
Centry in Dub - Thunder Mountain Dub
Centry in Dub - Bible Dub 2
Centry in Dub - Bad Boy Dub
Centry in Dub - Health, Strength and Dub
Centry in Dub - Melodica Dub
Centry in Dub - Jah Know Dub
Centry in Dub - Falken Dub
Centry in Dub - Strings from Zion
Centry in Dub - Praying Mantis

Carlton & The Shoes - This Heart Of Mine 1982

Carlton & The Shoes - This Heart Of Mine
Carlton & The Shoes - Give Me Little More
Carlton & The Shoes - Don't Change
Carlton & The Shoes - Better Days [remake]
Carlton & The Shoes - I'm In Chains
Carlton & The Shoes - Arise Abraham
Carlton & The Shoes - Sincerely Yours [remake]
Carlton & The Shoes - Send Us Moses
Carlton & The Shoes - Never Give Your Heart Away [remake

Bush Chemists - Light Up Your Spliff 1996

Bush Chemists - light up your spliff
Bush Chemists - bush chemist country
Bush Chemists - dub until dawn
Bush Chemists - firing dub
Bush Chemists - help us dub
Bush Chemists - time of tribulation
Bush Chemists - mount zion i
Bush Chemists - speak the truth
Bush Chemists - cymbal rock
Bush Chemists - earth's rightful ruler
Bush Chemists - earth's rightful dub
Bush Chemists - the power of tape
Bush Chemists - raw indica
Bush Chemists - separation
Bush Chemists - i came i saw

Burning Spear - Rocking Time 1971

Burning Spear - Call on You
Burning Spear - Foggy Road
Burning Spear - Swell Headed
Burning Spear - Girls Like You
Burning Spear - Old Time Saying
Burning Spear - Bad to Worst
Burning Spear - What a Happy Day
Burning Spear - This e
Burning Spear - Walla Walla
Burning Spear - Rocking Time
Burning Spear - Weeping & Wailing
Burning Spear - Mamie

15 de outubro de 2020

Chalawa - Hop Skip & Jump 1979

Chalawa - wahop skip and jump
Chalawa - wajammin
Chalawa - wawaiting in vain
Chalawa - wathree little birds
Chalawa - wapicadilly hop
Chalawa - watropical borscht
Chalawa - wameltdown
Chalawa - wamercenary hymn
Chalawa - wablessed is the man
Chalawa - wataxi de paris

Cera Kymarni - Island Breeze 2015

Cera Kymarni - island breeze
Cera Kymarni - island breeze (dub mix) feat jason 
Cera Kymarni - dub island (rootstime mix) feat jason 

CeCile - Diary of a Journey 2016

CeCile - love it
CeCile - money love
CeCile - my mood
CeCile - rain
CeCile - nikki
CeCile - mini
CeCile - complete
CeCile - high school
CeCile - necessaryd
CeCile - some boys do
CeCile - reasoningc

Burning Babylon - Roots Heavy 2001

Burning Babylon - Banish The Darkness
Burning Babylon - Chalice Of Shiva
Burning Babylon - Livication
Burning Babylon - Dread I Dub
Burning Babylon - Dubby Conqueror
Burning Babylon - Roots Heavy
Burning Babylon - Radio Zion
Burning Babylon - Two Ton Dub
Burning Babylon - Rise Up Bredren
Burning Babylon - Tree Of Life Dub
Burning Babylon - Guiding Star Dub

14 de outubro de 2020

Chalice - Stand Up 1987

Chalice - Hit You Like a Bomb
Chalice - Dangerous Disturbances
Chalice - Wicked Intention
Chalice - Can't Dub
Chalice - Stand Up
Chalice - Go Slow
Chalice - Point Dem Finger
Chalice - Easy Street
Chalice - Fire on the Mountain
Chalice - Shine On

Chalice - Crossfire 1986

Chalice - Revival Time
Chalice - Caribbean Boy
Chalice - Dance Hall Daze
Chalice - Open Your Eyes
Chalice - Sayonara
Chalice - Fan The Fire
Chalice - Ital Love
Chalice - Dancing Time
Chalice - Shadows In The Doorway

Chalawa Meets Chapter XII 1979

Chalawa Meets Chapter XII - Chapter XIIBuffalo Step
Chalawa Meets Chapter XII - ChalawaHop Skip And Jump
Chalawa Meets Chapter XII - Chapter XIITopless Reggae
Chalawa Meets Chapter XII - Chapter XIITopless Reggae Dub
Chalawa Meets Chapter XII - ChalawaPicadilly Hop
Chalawa Meets Chapter XII - Chapter XIIBuffalo Step Dub

Carlene Davis - Redeemed 2000

Carlene Davis - i_shall not be moved
Carlene Davis - standing_in the ashes
Carlene Davis - lord i lift your name on high
Carlene Davis - redeemed
Carlene Davis - lord i give you my heart
Carlene Davis - it_must be love
Carlene Davis - this island needs jesus
Carlene Davis - jesus is coming
Carlene Davis - nothing but the blood
Carlene Davis - light of jesus
Carlene Davis - inna dis ya country
Carlene Davis - hallelujah medley
Carlene Davis - bodyguard
Carlene Davis - this island needs jesus (mix)

13 de outubro de 2020

Chardel Rhoden - Essence 2016

Chardel Rhoden - essence
Chardel Rhoden - in your mind
Chardel Rhoden - cant steal my joy
Chardel Rhoden - lean back
Chardel Rhoden - heart on fire
Chardel Rhoden - live a life of love
Chardel Rhoden - change your ways
Chardel Rhoden - man down
Chardel Rhoden - sunshiney day

V.A Children Of Jah 1999

Chantells & U Brown - Children Of Jah Time To Unite
Lopez Walker - Jah Jah New Garden
Errol Davis - Path I Have Taken extended
Terrors, The Assemble Not Thyself 
Lopez Walker - Send Another Moses 
Steve Boswell & Jah Berry - Cool Rastaman Cool
Chantells - Desperate Time 
Lopez Walker - Trial Days 
Chantells - Natty Supper 
Lopez Walker - Fly Away 

Chantelle Ernandez - Gimme Whats Mine 2012

Chantelle Ernandez - touch
Chantelle Ernandez - reggae reasoning
Chantelle Ernandez - take dem down (a billion stones)
Chantelle Ernandez - sweet spanish man
Chantelle Ernandez - songs of redemption
Chantelle Ernandez - damage control
Chantelle Ernandez - love can heal the world
Chantelle Ernandez - if women ruled the world
Chantelle Ernandez - gimme whats mine
Chantelle Ernandez - hypnosis
Chantelle Ernandez - the change ft. joggo
Chantelle Ernandez - you all the time
Chantelle Ernandez - when the rain is falling
Chantelle Ernandez - control freaks
Chantelle Ernandez - reggae reasoning (rmx)

Carlton Barrett & Family Man - The Sound Of Macka Dub 197x

Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Bradsta Dub
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Ista Episode
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Dub In My Soul
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - KC Black
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Gubs I Rock
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Untitled Tk
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Hawks Theme
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Mike O Lete
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Phillip Showcase
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Capo Dub
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Shotman Chow
Carlton Barrett & Family Man - Synco Session

12 de outubro de 2020

Cherine Anderson - The Introduction EP 2009

Cherine Anderson - Intro
Cherine Anderson - Talk If Yuh Talking
Cherine Anderson - Movie Star
Cherine Anderson - Shine On Jamaica
Cherine Anderson - Tuff Enuff
Cherine Anderson - Coming Over Tonight feat Chuck Fender
Cherine Anderson - Sking To Skin
Cherine Anderson - How We Living
Cherine Anderson - Kingston State Of Mind

Chariot Riders - Sensimilla Dub 1980

Chariot Riders - Sensimilla Dub
Chariot Riders - Born To Dub You (Combination 2 & 3).1
Chariot Riders - Crucial
Chariot Riders - Jah Walk
Chariot Riders - Tks It
Chariot Riders - Boom
Chariot Riders - Blow Wow
Chariot Riders - Outers
Chariot Riders - Ghetto Talk

Carlene Davis - Rock Me Jesus 2005

Carlene Davis - try jah love
Carlene Davis - rock me jesus
Carlene Davis - little is much
Carlene Davis - show me your way
Carlene Davis - draw me close
Carlene Davis - strong
Carlene Davis - peirced
Carlene Davis - hungry for you
Carlene Davis - agnus dei
Carlene Davis - my child
Carlene Davis - praise 
Carlene Davis - songs of zion
Carlene Davis - i have a friend
Carlene Davis - (bonus tk) hidden treasure

Bush Chemists - Raw Raw Dub 2005

Bush Chemists - new beginning
Bush Chemists - speaker rocker
Bush Chemists - east of jaro
Bush Chemists - dark dub
Bush Chemists - symphony of dub
Bush Chemists - new stylee
Bush Chemists - heartical dub
Bush Chemists - oriental style
Bush Chemists - round the dub
Bush Chemists - rubber dub
Bush Chemists - flying cymball
Bush Chemists - raw raw dub
Bush Chemists - lift me
Bush Chemists - double drum
Bush Chemists - higher heights

10 de outubro de 2020

Chevelle Franklyn - Serious Girl 1996

Chevelle Franklyn - Serious Girl
Chevelle Franklyn - Rude Boy
Chevelle Franklyn - Need You Tonight
Chevelle Franklyn - Nice And Naughty
Chevelle Franklyn - Last Night f Merciless
Chevelle Franklyn - Caution (Fools Rush In)
Chevelle Franklyn - Dead Or Alive
Chevelle Franklyn - rub it here rub it there
Chevelle Franklyn - pushover
Chevelle Franklyn - dappa
Chevelle Franklyn - from a sister f mykal rose
Chevelle Franklyn - should i
Chevelle Franklyn - serious girl (mafia mix)