26 de janeiro de 2022

V.A Reggae Collection Part 91

lord flowers - pudding pan (scorpion,charley ace,1974)
madam sexy - buddy cry (sexy records,errol brown,1975)
marble tones - dread lion (mighty cloud,gmclean,1974)
marcus reid & the igels - growing taller (soul fire,marcus reid,1978)
maria johson - many river to cross (arawak-12,1981)
mervin (morvin) brooks - wire waist gal (upset,mummy,winston ryley,1975)
mickey simpson & errol thompson - see dem a come (naa-na,ethompson,jgibbs)
pete campbell - randy mandy (jumbo,bcampbell,1976)
phillip parkinson - just what i own (twinkle,grounation,norman grant,1975)
Ronald Foster - Come Soul Girl (High Life)




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