28 de janeiro de 2022

V.A Reggae Collection Part 96


Barrington Spence - Comtemplating mind (CD Press - Corxone Dodd)
Billy Dice - Jamaica Will Wear A Crown   In
Rupert Reid - See The Dread Deh (Jah Man,Dudley Swaby 1974)
By Alfa - Please Let Me Go (irdrown)
By Alfa - Please Let Me Version  (irdrown)
Charlie Ace And Sticky - Penny Reel (Scorpion,Charlie Ace 1974)
Chosen People - Praises And Thanks (People Choises International)
David Lopez - Sky Juice (Playback,LShervington,1975)
Don Alexander - If You Want Good (Rosso,CFrancis,1978)
Unforgetables - This Is My History (Lagrina,Nationwide,Lagrina 1975)



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